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Part #11 - Shawty You A 10
doyleangel                   (User #5808) N/A 09/13/2010 03:02:16pm

Yeah for updates!!!! Sometimes I wonder if fanworks is still working cause I don't get updates, but then I do and it makes me happy!!

Super cute chapter, those kids are so adorable!!

burymestanding                   (User #7433) N/A 09/12/2010 05:34:14am

You are alive and very, VERY well ;)

This was as fantastic as always; the kids are so cute! I can't even wait to
read more < 3

Part #10 - Entry 9
burymestanding                   (User #7433) N/A 05/14/2010 11:57:15pm

Haha, the little ones are too cute. Bill WOULD die if they asked
something like that.

May I have more? Pretty please? ;)

doyleangel                   (User #5808) N/A 05/11/2010 03:43:34pm

Ha, poor Bill. I bet he would freak out if his daughters asked something like that. I think almost any father would lol. That was super cute though about the sound of love. Adorable.

fishingnuns                   (User #7507) N/A 05/09/2010 03:33:17am

I've missed this so much, I loveloveLOVE it. :D

Part #9 - Eight Days A Week
WorldOnStringer                   (User #6720) N/A 03/26/2010 02:51:43am

Them and the Unkas. ohh man. Lahv it. Lahv it all.

Pleeease more.

burymestanding                   (User #7433) N/A 03/18/2010 07:31:34am

I love the sounds of the ideas for their rooms. They sound so cool. And I
seriously wish my room had been that cool when I was a kid haha.

Can I has more, pretty please? Because this is excellent < 3

Part #8 - Taking On Seven Years
burymestanding                   (User #7433) N/A 03/18/2010 07:28:44am

Oh man you'd have to be so ignorant to do that to someone. You can't
just show up at someone's house and expect them to welcome you in
because you're a fan of the person who lives there. Craaaaazy.

This chapter was full of many lols and squees. Yesyes :D

Part #7 - Six, Six, Six (the Number Of The Beast)
burymestanding                   (User #7433) N/A 03/18/2010 07:26:14am

I totally agree on the whole community/girlfriends being hated on thing.
It's just so stupid, really. Poor Bree having to deal with it :(

But this was lovely, offfffff course < 3

Part #9 - Eight Days A Week
fishingnuns                   (User #7507) N/A 03/09/2010 11:49:05pm

Ahhh love it.
Love the Unkas. ;)
Keep writing!

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