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Part #12 - Epilogue
VengeanceAtMidnight                   (User #7048) N/A 01/26/2010 10:22:57pm

What a perfect ending! :)

I love the idea of a beach holiday, and I want a diamond ring! Haha :D

Good job dear, this was a really good fic. :)

Part #11 - I Caught Fire
VengeanceAtMidnight                   (User #7048) N/A 01/26/2010 10:19:58pm

Aww, that ending was so sweet!

I love that Trish and Amy followed her and managed to get there before.

Johnny makes me laugh so much, and him and Zacky sounded like a married couple. :D

Awesome chapter. (:

Part #10 - So What!
VengeanceAtMidnight                   (User #7048) N/A 01/26/2010 10:15:15pm

That match sounded painful! I'm glad Gina is going home to Brian now. :)

It's all coming together now, and I love it! :)

Part #9 - Disintegration
VengeanceAtMidnight                   (User #7048) N/A 01/26/2010 10:08:41pm

Aww, Gina should have just quit and stayed with Brian! He could probably make enough money for the both of them, and I'm sure she's filthy rich too! Lol (:

This was a good but sad chapter, I hate good-byes.

I'm off to read the next installment. :)

Part #8 - Clumsy
VengeanceAtMidnight                   (User #7048) N/A 01/25/2010 08:22:09pm

I think I would have kicked Johnny's ass if he did that to my house, haha. :D

The ending was sweet but sad, imma gonna read the next chapter now :)

Part #7 - Hollywood's Not America
VengeanceAtMidnight                   (User #7048) N/A 01/25/2010 07:55:27pm

I'd love to see Brian in the morning. XD

The shoot sounded cool, and it's crazy sometimes what they want to do, lol.

Great chapter (:

Part #6 - The Sky Is The Limit
VengeanceAtMidnight                   (User #7048) N/A 01/25/2010 07:41:46pm

That was a funny chapter!
I was loving the early morning conversation with Jimmy, and the push-up contest with Zacky!

Imma go read the next chapter!

Part #5 - Who's That Girl?
VengeanceAtMidnight                   (User #7048) N/A 01/25/2010 06:41:56pm

Johnny is hilarious!
Brian was so sweet - I love it! (:

Part #4 - Crush Crush Crush
VengeanceAtMidnight                   (User #7048) N/A 01/25/2010 06:17:45pm

Aww, it's so sweet that he wants to ask Gina out! :)

I wonder what will happen next...
Onto the next chap' (:

Part #3 - Sidewinder
VengeanceAtMidnight                   (User #7048) N/A 01/25/2010 05:57:24pm

I love how Matt just invited himself into yours and Johnny's house.

Looks like things are gonna get happy ;)

Onto the next chapter ..

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