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Part #12 - Cupid's Victim
Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 03/17/2010 10:04:52am

I'm soooo happy that you didn't leave me hanging for too long lol. I'm so glad that they're back together and I pray to God that Matt doesn't screw it up again!
Update soon, hun, because I can't wait!!!!


Part #11 - It's Not Enough To Believe
Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 03/14/2010 09:14:21pm

OMG that was great but you can't just stop there!!!! Your cliff hangers are going to be the death of me!!!
Update soon because I must know what's going to happen!!!


Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 03/14/2010 06:26:39am

This story is sooooo good!!!!
I love it!!!
And where you left it off at! i was like "Noooooo! I must know what happens!!!"
PLEASE update soon!!!

Part #10 - Coin - Operated Boy
Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 03/07/2010 12:36:04am

OMG that was amazing and totally adorable.
Brian was the cutest freaking thing I've seen in a while. He's such a great guy and he's so good to Bella.
You must update soon because I NEED to know what's going to happen with Matt... You can't just leave me hanging like this!!!!
Update soon!
I can't wait. That was such a great chapter hun!!!


Part #9 - Evening Conversations
Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 02/11/2010 06:54:24pm

Those last few chapters were amazing. I'm sorry it took me so long to read them all. I'm truely loving this story and just want to read more and more.
Poor Bella... Matt can be such a douche sometimes. Zacky is such a sweetheart taking care of her and bitching out Matt. And I loved Jimmy being "one of the girls!"
Can't wait for more. Update soon, hun!!!


Part #4 - I Was Wrong.
Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 01/22/2010 11:28:16am

I love it and you're doing great hun!!!!
It's amazing and you're still leaving me wanting more.
I can't get over how much of a douche Matt is though. lol
Update soon... Can't wait for more!!!


Part #3 - Rocky Mountain Way
Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 01/21/2010 11:00:07am

I'm really liking this story so far. It seems like it will have a great story line. I can't wait for the next chapter. Maybe she'll think about what happened with Matt at the bar so I don't feel so left out! lol.
Update soon hun!!!

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