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Part #16 - A Night To Remember - Chapter 15
SurviveThisWorld                   (User #8386) N/A 04/28/2010 02:56:17am

For some odd reason, I just adore that last line.

Kit                   (User #7992) N/A 03/16/2010 01:24:43pm

You know, I started this on ficwad, then lost track of it, partially forgot about it, at about Chapter 7 or 8... I looked at your profile, saw it on here, thought to myself, "HOLY SHIT! SHE WROTE IT!? MUST. FINISH." I just read it straight through =) Absolutely amazing! I hate to admit it, but around 14 I was thinking to myself this is not going to have a good ending, and then it did =) Loved it lady! Another great piece of work.

xxrainbow.muertexx                   (User #8158) N/A 01/07/2010 01:41:36am

i absolutely adore this story.
you did the best thing ever, combining MCR and the titanic.
i've had an obsession with the titanic since third grade, and an obsession with mcr for about a year now.
and ghosts just make it fantastic.
thank you so so much.
if you ever write anything else on a different site, please email me, i'd greatly apreciate it.
thank you once again! :)

Part #16 - A Night To Remember - Chapter 15
WaycestByHayley                   (User #8292) N/A 01/05/2010 10:19:24pm

Ch 15 reminds me of when the dudes from titanic were tring to get jack out of the handcuffs

Part #13 - A Night To Remember - Chapter 12
The Reverend Jessica Plague                   (User #6969) N/A 01/05/2010 03:59:29pm



I wanna know what happens! *continues whining*

Update, pleeeease!

WaycestByHayley                   (User #8292) N/A 01/04/2010 10:28:53pm

That stupid whore who took our Mikey away! Please update soon

Part #9 - A Night To Remember - Chapter 8
The Reverend Jessica Plague                   (User #6969) N/A 01/04/2010 07:08:23pm


Update update update, PLLLLEEEEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!!!!

Gah, you got me all excited over this, you jerk, then you stop right when it gets all suspenseful and awesome!


So, yeah, you know...



Black*Lotus                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 01/04/2010 05:21:43am

ha this seems like a really great story
something that would be a joy to read
An Update would be nice!!!

WaycestByHayley                   (User #8292) N/A 01/01/2010 10:47:09pm

Oh, no! I hope Bob is OK (chapter 1). Please write more, I really like this 1.

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