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Hellbell Shadows                   (User #7632) N/A 07/30/2011 02:33:43am

Omg I have to say it, I hate you!
Who the hell I'm trying to kid? I absolutelly love you!
And this story, omg!
You know, I always forget reviewing things, so I just took a little notepad of mine to go writing the review while I read it, but this, just, well, the notepad wasn't really need it since you made all of that!

So let me just breathe so I can make a decent review.

And Zacky pressing all the buttons in the airplane and beeing afraid of meeting Cookie Pie's family? He's just too cute!
Can I just say that I loved your Zack/pink elephant thing?
I really can't put into words what I felt reading this chapter!
I mean, this whole Cookie Pie/Zack finally getting 'together' just...
Well I have to say tho, I still want her to live with Jimmy.
Yeah, I know she have something special with Zacky and well, after this chapter I'm one of the biggest supporters, but I don't know!
That preface made me have a little bad feeling.
I'm horrible, cause I tend to grow attached to people very quikly, and now I'm attached to Cookie Pie, just as Jimmy.

I guess I'll just get something to eat, cause even tho this story is feeding me now, my stomach is starting to hurt now.
But I'll eat in front of the computer so I can keep on reading (:


Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 12/29/2010 05:40:52pm

Omgarsh, so worth the wait! This was one of the best chapters everrr!! My heart kept doing little flips lol awww

Haylie Jaed                   (User #3426) N/A 04/10/2010 05:29:46am

Alright. I had to take a little while to calm down there.

That...was hot. And god, I wanted to slap the pair of them for not moving faster. They both feel the same sorta way - why wouldn't they just open their eyes and see it?!

Onto the next one...


ElleBaker                   (User #8086) N/A 11/06/2009 09:07:42am

Oh... wow!
What else can be said?
Oh, well.. a lot :)
I loved the chapter!!!
It was all so nice to read... imagine... you know what part... and wow, it was so
long but great!
The scar... yeah, I bet it won't hurt... too exhausted to feel it, at least!
No, for real: Loved the chapter, so great job and I will always adore Jimmy
when he calls her "cookie pie"! I think he's just adorable!
Can't wait to read the next chapter!!!

synsterr                   (User #7349) N/A 11/06/2009 07:33:17am

Zacks a sneaky little bastard!! Haha. His intentions the whole time
were just to get in her pants. And here I am thinking he does
wanna tour the country, but get closer to Ana at the same time.

Hey, why you gotta bash Britney? XD

I'm glad Zack had to at least endure some uncomfortableness
before he got what he wanted.
On the plane, and with meeting her family for the first time at the
airport, and being at their house.

Okay, Ana telling Zack the walls are soundproof was HILARIOUS.
"Wanna try?" I can just imagine the dirty thoughts running
through his mind when she said that. Hahaha.

And I'm glad Ana made the first (real) move. Now she has
something she can always make fun of Zack for later, when they
have kids or something. =P

Ana's dad's reaction to her saying Zack could sleep in her room
was priceless too. Totally great. That room so was definitely full of
tension. Dad's, Mom's and Zackys.

The you know what was definitely worth the wait! Haha.
You did an excellent job on it too. Well, not just that, the whole
chapter. All the detail, and how you showed exactly how each
character was feeling, down to a Tee, was great.
Really, its an awesome chapter.

My head hurts. =(

Update soon!! I can't wait.
Great start for "Fire". =D

~Embrace The Madness... foREVer~                   (User #7321) N/A 11/06/2009 06:15:25am

That took FOREVER to read! Which was a very good thing, I simply adore how long and involved all your chapters are. It's a very rare thing.

I can tell how well thought out all of this was, and I can assure you I appreciate it, very much.

Great job, and the... you know what... was totally worth it!!!

Can't wait to see where the story goes next!

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