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Part #8 - Chapter Six - A Beautiful Lie
shadzlove                   (User #5955) N/A 02/17/2014 03:45:51pm

Ahhhhh more more more! (well, seeing as you wrote this 4 years ago I think my
request is futile... oh well)

ANYWAY this story has me hooked. I love the story and I'm really curious not
only about the relationship between Zacky and Kacie but the relationship
between all the guys now that Kacie is back.

Part #5 - Chapter Three - I Can't Decide
shadzlove                   (User #5955) N/A 02/17/2014 05:32:59am

FINALLY reading the rest of this after my fanworks hiatus. Can't wait to hit up
the rest of them.

Also- “Oh honey,” He said in a very queer voice. “You know you wanna tap
this!” killed me

Part #8 - Chapter Six - A Beautiful Lie
Lady Numb                   (User #8253) N/A 11/23/2010 07:37:33pm

Crappy chapter??? Are you kidding me??? i have quite a lot of things to say about this chapter, and the first one is: not crappy at all, I actually really liked it!=)
Let's talk about Matt first...awww, what a man! He's not ashamed of showing he has emotions! He's not afraid of saying he missed Kace!sweet, cute, adorable, pick one.... and of course next to such a nice guy there's a nice girl, I absolutely love Val!!!
Brian...oh, well, Brian's Brian... little smart guy, of course he was the one who came up with the idea of the job.... though I have to say, Matt fooled me, I was so sure he had just come up with that idea...he was cute, as excited as a child having a brilliant idea....
Let's now move to more unpleasant topics....what the hell is wrong with Michelle???? Why is she so mean? I mean, it's not like Kace is trying to steal Brian away from her, and most definitely she's not trying to steal Zack from Gena (though said Gena didn't really worry about stealing said Zack from said Kace).... I already hate her.... well, I already hated Gena, so no need to say it again...and I have a feeling I'm not gonna like Leana either, but I might be wrong.... and talking about Gena...come on, did she really need to put up a scene like she did??? I so wanted Val to hit her....XD
Btw, Kace wasn't the only one surprised when Zack joined in the group hug... I was really amazed....
Poor Kace! Luckily she has Matt and Haylie and Frankie.... she doesn't deserve to feel as she feels!! =(
So, not crappy at all....and I hope to read more very soon!!!! xxx

Haylie Jaed                   (User #3426) N/A 11/23/2010 05:38:09am

Wow, that was dramatic. O.O I never expected so many people to turn on her! And I can't believe they would do that at all! I'm so glad she has Matt on her side - it wouldn't work without his big brotherness.

I'm tired and dunno what else to write, but I loved this and I loved that you finally updated! Hoping to see more soon. ;)


SteffiSevenfold                   (User #6218) N/A 06/08/2010 12:55:44am

Alright, so I'm going to my favorite authors tonight and apologizing for not R&Ring lately.
Just been busy.
But I miss your stories like mad and I simply cannot fucking WAIT to read these >:]
Seriously excited.

Part #7 - Chapter Five - Sorry
Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 05/24/2010 02:18:18am

Johnny was so funny!!
And I love Matt and Kacie's relationship!!
It's adorable!!
I loved this chapter!!
And I can't wait until you update again!!

Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 05/24/2010 02:18:08am

Johnny was so funny!!
And I love Matt and Kacie's relationship!!
It's adorable!!
I loved this chapter!!
And I can't wait until you update again!!

Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 05/24/2010 02:17:54am

Johnny was so funny!!
And I love Matt and Kacie's relationship!!
It's adorable!!
I loved this chapter!!
And I can't wait until you update again!!

Annie_Vengeance                   (User #7968) N/A 05/17/2010 12:36:39am

First off, I'm so happy you updated!! :D thank you for letting me know via
facebook hahahaha. To be completely honest, I'm making a BIG exception
here, because I've been away from this site for more than a month...
Because I have to present my graduation project in less than 20 days, I've
been super busy, stressed, etc, and so I decided to not come here so I can
actually concentrate on what's first... but of course I couldn't fight the
temptation of coming and reading your update!!

Onto the chapter... this whole thing is so sad :S I can totally feel how bad
Zack feels, how everything is crashing down on him after four years, and it's
heart-wrenching... but he's an asshole. I feel bad for him, but I hate him at
the same time. How could he leave Kacie for stupid, bimbo Gena? How
could he be so weak? And now... Kacie won't even talk to him. I know he
deserves it, and I support Kacie, but... COME ON!! They need to talk at the
very least!! The whole car scene after they dropped Johnny off made me feel
so frustrated... Damn. I do understand Kacie's attitude, though I wish it was
different...SHE NEEDS TO KNOW ZACK STILL LOVES HER!! Even when he's
realizing that a little bit too late... better late than never, right?

So yeah. This was completely AWESOME and so worth the time! Can't wait
for your next update!!

Lady Numb                   (User #8253) N/A 05/16/2010 11:45:59pm

I agree, dear Zack, you are an asshole, sorry to say that, but you said it first....
I would feel sorry for Gena, but there's something about the way she acts that doesn't allow me to...but I do feel sorry for Kacie and I'm glad she's making things difficult for Zack, he was stupid, so he deserves to be tortured now...
Matt is adorable...I love when boys get all protective with girls, as if they were their little sisters....evn though beating Zack up...maybe that was too much....or maybe not.... mmh...I actually like the idea, so maybe it was a cool idea, ok... =)
Brian is amazing.... asking her out to convince Zack to ask Kacie out... that guy is my hero...
Johnny, Johnny.... the only reason why I'm not laughing right now is that it's almost 2 am and my parents would kill me for waking them up... but it was hilarious, really... especially his childish reaction, "they're my friends, you're not!".... funny, really funny! And of course, since he's Johnny Christ, he's wise and drunk (and drunk people always tell the truth), he also had to tell Zack and Kacie what he thinks about them... I love JC for this one....
Great chap, I've been wating for it all day and it was well worth it! can't wait to read more!!!!!!!!! xxx

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