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Part #44 - Chapter 41/Land Of Dreams
Synical Doors                   (User #7071) N/A 05/17/2011 12:14:26am

Iím keeping a running review going. This bitch is gonna be
fucking epic. In size, not content. My reviews are starting
to suck balls.

Chapter One; Zackís an ass. Mattís cute. Motherís a
complete boot. Bill needs a good castrating with a blunt
knife. Donít cry! Mattís being niceÖ

Chapter Two; Aww. Breakfast. Iím grinning and donít know
why. Matt needs to get his ass in my pocket right now. Hmm.
Mattís assÖ.

Chapter Three; Pinch hard. She gave up custody that
easily?! I wanna tear hair out right now. And thatís unlike
me. Iím a punching kinda girl. Donít you cry at me, Andiís
mom! Jimmy likes food. I approve. Better not be a fricking
dream. Iím ignoring you guys just to read this.

Chapter Four; I would pay anything to be woken up like
that. The could bounce on my bed any dayÖ Brian is cute
when he smiles. Wait, Brianís just cute non-stop. Awww.
Zackyís putting her make-up on for her. I retract my
earlier statement about him. Anti-Johnny? Who? I love him.
Heís the only one Iím taller than. And for me, thatís
something amazing. Brian. I love you. Lots. Aww. Leanaís a
sweetie. Yay! Visits!

Chapter Five; Zack, stop smoking so much. Youíre making me
want a cigarette. No horror movies? To each their ownÖ Iím
dying a little. Canít stop laughing! No movie night would
be complete without a horror. I want a Zacky pillowÖ In
fact, screw a Zacky pillow. I want a Brian pillow. He looks

Chapter Six; Haha, Matt, you should have just gotten up.
See the funny side! It was great! Mattís parentsÖ I love
them. Theyíre just so cute. Ooh. What is she doing there? I
guess Iíll just go find outÖ.

Chapter Seven; Food is everywhere. Itís making me hungry.
Itís half four in the morning and I have no food and there
is nowhere within walking distance thatís still open. This
is entirely unfair. Gena watch those daggers now, theyíll
turn around and get your eyes soon. Confusing indeed.

Chapter Eight; Psycho puppy? I have one of those. I call
her my sister. Aww. I wanna hug Zack. Yep. Total dreaming.
Youíre in a coma.

Chapter Nine; I canít remember what 8:30 looks like
anymore. I never see it. Lol! Of course she would want to
know if you saw anythingÖ

Chapter Ten; The tour descriptions are amazing, very
gripping lol. Naked JohnnyÖ Does nothing for me. Designated
naked zones? InterestingÖ Yeah, Matt, donít fuck with the
teenagers. Iím giggling at Green Day. When Billy Joel sings
Wake Me Up When September Ends he always sings Ďmemor-eeí
itís hilarious to me. A lot of work. A lot a lot a lot of
work will be needed.

Iím taking a break now. My laptop sounds li

Like itís about to die. Which it did. I have never loved
auto recover more than I do now. FanWorks better let me
post this bitch when itís done!

Anyway, I love how Ďbig brotheryí everyone is towards her.
And then how sweet Zacky constantly is, now that heís not
an ass lol. I still wanna smack her mother and Bill around.
They deserve it.

Iím at over five hundred wordsÖ

Chapter Eleven; Girly sleepovers are terrifying. I was only
subjected to it once. I crawled out barely aliveÖ Aww. I
think I may love Zack just a little. Heís so cute and shy
and lovaleee!

Chapter Twelve; Aww. Tired Matt. The big brother seal of
approval. Once sheís an adult, of course. Thatís how it
always seems to go.

Chapter Thirteen; You made me want cake. Not that thatís
hard but still. Iíd be exactly like the guys if someone had
me up at that ungodly hour of the morning. Especially now
that my sleeping pattern is sort of sorting itself out.
Yay, he took it well. Lol! In your author note it says
ĎBRAINS BIRTHDAYí that has me giggling.

Chapter Fourteen; Lol at the secretiveness. Secretiveness
was my six hundred and sixty-sixth word. Aww. Brandy thinks
itís a joke. I wish my patio came with one of them, too.
That is one hell of a story to catch someone up on. The
banter is great. Just like with a real family. They do
care, never doubt it.

Chapter Fifteen; Is it edible? Who cooked? The apprehension
is amazing. Iíd laugh at that. Hard. Aww. Kisses in front
of everyone. Lmao! The dream! Hahaha!

Chapter Sixteen; What a way to wake up. That first pee of
the morning is always a special one =P
Getting tickled seems to be the way they enjoy waking them
up most. I was kinda surprised when it didnít happen this
time lol.
Mattís parentsÖ Parents wouldnít be parents without some
embarrassing stories.
Her brother?

Chapter Seventeen; I was wrong. I could go change it but
no. Birthday dinner! Those always seem better than normal
dinner out. Maybe thatís just me. I wish thatís all I had
done for my eighteenth. I can barely remember it. I know
there was something that happened with a statue in the
middle of Glasgow City Centre and one of my friends but
thatís about it. I woke up in a strange house with a road

Chapter Eighteen; He asked at last! Thatís good =]
LMAO! That is all.

Chapter Nineteen; Aw. A Zacky bed. Sounds comfy. My floor,
is not. But Iím stuck with it for just now. It doesnít rain
all of the time in the UKÖ just throwing that out there.
Yes. The ground floor is the freaking ground floor, not the
first floor. Excuse me while I have a Friends momentÖ.
LONDON BABY! Wow, a nice Londoner. Only in a fictional
storyÖ aww. Actually sharing a bed without Matt totally
freaking out. I never saw that one coming.

My laptop keeps dying in amongst other things. Iím not a
slow reader, I just have a short attention span right now
because if my cracked ribs. Itís all fun and games, though.

Chapter Twenty; No, no you should not go see what it is
that Matt wanted. You should keep doing exactly what it is
you are doing and more because you will never get any
privacy than you are offered right now. Ahem. Sorry about

Chapter Twenty-One; Oooooh. Rated RÖÖ Okay, who WOULDNíT
stare at Brianís bare, sweaty chest? I feel dirtier than I
think I would if you HAD written a sex sceneÖ

I canít help but think that this time last week I was being
dragged along the road by a bike much heavier than I am.
Kinda makes me feel it all over again.

Chapter Twenty-Two; I just got images of Jimmy being all
cat like lol. I used to get called Abby when I was younger
because of her. Now that Iím older I can see why but at the
time I hated it. I love Jimmy. AndÖ awww! They love each
other. Yes, being a girl is extremely confusing. Being a
guy seems so much easier! But I like being a girl soÖ

Chapter Twenty-three; I was wrong. I need a shower.

Chapter Twenty-four; Spotted indeed! Is Mallory who I think
it is? I miss that girlÖ

Chapter Twenty-five; Ooh, jealous! Ew! Matt! Not at the
dinner table! Yes, some women like to eat but all women are
protective of deserts. Thereís an unspoken rule Ďtouch my
desert, lose a hand.í Aww, that was such a nice thing to
do. I can totally see them doing just that.

Chapter Twenty-six; I was in Vegas as a toddler. Canít
remember any of it but according to my cousin, who was
twelve at the time, we had a blast. I had Family Guy
flashbacks when you quoted Forrest Gump.

Chapter Twenty-seven; I giggle every time you call him
ĎBerryí lol. Lol! Shifting in their seatsÖ Zackís veryÖ
eager lol. I have to admitÖ Iím glad they saw the freaking
show! Haha! You wrote it so very very well and I adore you.

Chapter Twenty-eight; ZACKY WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!

Chapter Twenty-nine; Mistress Beka is in the fucking house.
Mattís scaring me a littleÖ. the weird part is that I kinda
like imagining him all protective and stuff. It goes with
his teddy bear image. I feel so bad for Zack and Andi. But
I wanna murder him at the same time. She clearly said to
stop and he didnít. Asshole.

Chapter Thirty; Aww. So zombie likeÖ I love Zack, he was an
asshole to herÖ but sheís so upset without him! I feel so
bad for hating Zack a littleÖ -wipes tear away- IíM NOT

Chapter Thirty-one; Iím grinning at how sweet this is right
now. I seriously canít stop. I love that theyíre happy
together, they really do fit.

Takes a break to jam to some Billy Ocean.

Chapter Thirty-two; I wanna squish Johnnyís cheeks.
ĎTackled me for his pillowí is that what weíre calling it
these days? ;] Arenít all schools like that? Mine was a
complete nightmareÖ Far too happy to be in school! Whatís
wrong with you woman?! Music teachers are always the
coolest teachers. Them and art teachers. In my experiences
anyway. Mr C sounds so much like Tommy, my music teacher.
He was everybodyís best friend and always wanted to chat
about anything and everything. Always had time for you, as
well. My iPod is on a blues streak. I have to say, Iím
rather enjoying it.

Chapter Thirty-three; Iíd be exactly like Ash, just staring
and wondering if they were really real lol. Marie calm the
hell down! Itís sortit. Drunk Jason is so cute. And I donít
even know why. I hate drunk people unless Iím drunk with

Chapter Thirty-four; Next time Iím in a hotel I am totally
playing hide and seek. I used to do it when I was a kid and
forgot all about it until just there. I just heard my
sister giggling and now I canít stop. This had me laughing
a lot. Which is not good when you have two cracked ribs.
But it sounded like so much fun and then he finally caught
someone! I donít even know why Iím making excuses for
laughing. Iím the only one in my room. I can laugh if I
want even if it does screw up my ribs.

Chapter Thirty-five; I am completely disappointed this
isnít a chapter. Sigh.

The bluesy, jazzy stuff on my Pod didnít last. LMFAO just
came blasting in my ears.

The REAL Chapter Thirty-five; October in Scotland equals
freezing cold wind and rain with a really big chance of
moody bastards in the street and some snow. I would kill
for a hot October. Speaking of hotÖ.

Chapter Thirty-six; FoodÖ -salivates- Iím hungry. I hate
Christmas but absolutely adore decorating with all the
sparkly stuff. The dog hates it though, sheís always got
tinsel wrapped around her collar. My dad still messes my
hair up when he passes me like this. Itís a guy thing, they
just donít grow out of it. I want that snowflake! I donít
wanna finish this chapter. NOOO!

Chapter Thirty-seven; -is crying too much to type anything
worth shit-

Chapter Thirty-eight; Still feeling pretty much the same as
I did last chapter. You wrote this fucking beautifully.
Heíd have been proud. On another note, on the 9th Feb just
there I was in hospital getting my foot operated on. I was
awake for it and just randomly started laughing my ass off
at nothing. All I could think of was Jimmy and the duck. I
didnít wanna explain that to the doctor, though. I just
thought it was kinda strange, I was pretty scared cause I
hate scalpels and that popped into my head. Gotta love some
Spirit Jimmy.

I know I told you I was gonna post this after that chapter
but I lied.

Chapter Thirty-nine; NO! Find that freaking bracelet!

Chapter Forty; Zacky you asshole! That was soo lovely =íD

Chapter Forty-one; still awake over there? This dress
session sounds exactly like the one I had for my brotherís
wedding. The owner of the shop was horrified at our
descriptions of some of the dresses. It was fantastic.

Just to make this five page review a little longer, I gotta
throw in an actual reviewy past instead of just what I was
thinking while reading.
This story has become one of my favourites of all time. It
may have taken me a while to get through it all, prolonged
by the fact that I am an idiot and decided to have an
argument with some road. But I got here and the only thing
I really have to say is I love it. You know I love your
work from reviews on Hellís but this blew me away.
There were hardships overcome and fluff thrown in that
always alleviated the seriousness. It was perfectly
balanced. I adore each and every one of your characters.
They all fit together perfectly.
You evoked emotions in the reader, made us hate Zack at
certain points, made us love him all over again. It was
amazing. It really was. And Iím glad I got to read it as a
whole instead of waiting for chapters because I probably
would have murdered you in my head a million times over if
I had had to wait for the whole Zacky being a dick scenario
to right itself. Doesnít change the fact that I absolutely
adore this story and am officially planting the flag of my
love upon it.

I loved this and since this review is already over two
thousand words long, Iím just gonna post it.

Part #41 - Chapter 38-
Siren_Shadows                   (User #7495) N/A 05/07/2011 07:35:22am

I cried during this chapter and last chapter.

It is beautiful.

Unrelatedly, i found a picture of The Rev's tombstone on
photobucket today...

Part #44 - Chapter 41/Land Of Dreams
CutieMcfoREVer                   (User #7197) N/A 02/27/2011 11:40:01pm

Finally I have caught up with all the reading!
I've been so busy... etc etc etc. haha

Aw! Can't wait for the Beka's wedding :) It's should be amazing :D

Can't wait for more!

~Embrace The Madness... foREVer~                   (User #7321) N/A 02/25/2011 03:15:59am

*falls off the bed due to hysterical laughter*

It's even MORE funny than checking out all those dress pix together & making fun of them!!! Which, was all there, plus some!

We're crazy.

bLAdeKilljoy6S                   (User #9455) N/A 02/24/2011 10:40:56pm

I'm going to the 'Welcome to the Family Tour' too!
I'm so freakin' excited!
Good chapter by the way.
Update soon!

Part #43 - Chapter 40/Land Of Dreams
Shanagains4REVr                   (User #8527) N/A 02/17/2011 12:52:46am

He is such a romantic jerk! :D

~Embrace The Madness... foREVer~                   (User #7321) N/A 02/16/2011 11:02:34pm


Yup, our fiance's are morons, but that's part of why we love them!

Part #12 - Chapter 11-
Erin S                   (User #7343) N/A 02/10/2011 10:10:06pm

OMFG Jazzy! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking love this story so
far! i've been home almost all week sick and reading your
story has been one of the few things that's help me not
feeling good. this story has truely to lifted my spirits all
week the way you've written your story. excellent dialogue
and great timing on the humorous parts in the story!! keep up
with the great work and i think you and Zacky sound like a
great couple! :D


Part #42 - Chapter 39/Epilogue
Shanagains4REVr                   (User #8527) N/A 02/04/2011 06:20:57pm

I just got all caught up on this, and I'm not going to lie, I
cried like a little baby.

~Embrace The Madness... foREVer~                   (User #7321) N/A 02/04/2011 03:13:31am

he he he he he he he he he.....

Ok. Sooooooo.

w00t w00t!!!!

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