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xxrainbow.muertexx                   (User #8158) N/A 12/13/2009 12:57:18am

i love this story.

Part #10 - Good Morning...Good Grief
xXDownAnOutXx                   (User #7663) N/A 11/25/2009 09:03:17pm

Ooh!!! I really can't wait until Frank finds out. I always imagine scenes where the two people are making out or having sex or something, when the person who can't find out walks in. I hope its like that when it happens...

Part #9 - Date Night
The Reverend Jessica Plague                   (User #6969) N/A 11/16/2009 02:08:41am

I didn't even notice that you updated until I scrolled down and looked!

Silly me!

This was sooooo cute! Gee and his cliche date, lol.

Update soon:)

Part #8 - A Secret Shared
nattsavage                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 10/25/2009 06:44:50am

I love this story.
Where is G even taking her?!
OOOhh i want more >.<

The Reverend Jessica Plague                   (User #6969) N/A 10/17/2009 05:39:00pm

Yay! An update:) Awww, Mikey, such a sweet boy:D Ooh la la! I'm so excited to see what Gee's got up his sleeve!

xblckhrtxx                   (User #8023) N/A 10/14/2009 12:59:52am

This is a cool story! I luffles itz!

Part #7 - A Secret Between Lovers
NattSavage                   (User #7923) N/A 10/04/2009 07:37:58am

Loved iiiit.
Updates soon?
Damn Mikey, cant allow toasters on the bus >.

The Reverend Jessica Plague                   (User #6969) N/A 10/03/2009 11:03:11pm

XD "We're madly in love and I'm pregnant." BEST LINE EVER!!! Oh, God! You take too long to update! You should update sooner:)

Part #6 - Tired Of Looking
NattSavage                   (User #7923) N/A 09/18/2009 01:05:51pm

Damn, frankie just sits there with a comic book??
Oh hell nawww lol
Awh, so cuuuuute
You NEEEEED to update this.
I'll pay you...with...respect...and...appreciation...*cough*

haha still love it

Part #5 - Not Enough Supervision, Too Much Alcohol
NattSavage                   (User #7923) N/A 09/18/2009 01:04:38pm

Haha, loved it!

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