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Part #6 - I Could Dissect You
burymestanding                   (User #7433) N/A 11/04/2009 04:16:14am

This is lovely, and I'm so glad it's back! I truly missed reading this.
Horray for PSPs! :)

And this was not at all a filler chapter, at least in my opinion. Filler
chapters grate on my nerves, and this did nothing of the sort < 3

As for plot help... Bleh, I am next to useless there. Sorry :( But I'm sure
you'll come up with a brilliant idea sooner rather than later. Sometimes
there's nothing you can do but relax and wait for the plot bunny to show
himself :P

Stump-o-matic-girl                   (User #7189) N/A 11/03/2009 10:10:12pm

Well, I totally love this story.
I obviously don't want Patrick to find out
the truth and be all mad and sad and all that...

I don't know, I hate when I get stuck working out a plot also... I'll message you if I think of anything.

Great story! :)

LostInTheStatic                   (User #7900) N/A 10/16/2009 06:35:05pm

I just started reading this and I am in lovee!! I have to wait for the next update I suppose:(

Eh; it's SO worth it

Part #5 - I'm Falling Apart To Songs About Hips And Hearts
XxXProblem//\ChildXxX                   (User #7806) N/A 09/28/2009 10:58:14am

This is ahmazing.
I love this story and this chapter just made it.
Great great job.
Please update ASAP!

Stump-o-matic-girl                   (User #7189) N/A 09/28/2009 05:10:41am

Awesome! :)
I too thought she was caught. Hopefully he won't remember her slip up and ask questions.
If I were in her shoes, I'd take that secret to the grave.
Keep up the great writing.
I'll be waiting. :)

burymestanding                   (User #7433) N/A 09/28/2009 12:17:57am

Oooh crap, I seriously thought she was busted like 20 times in this
chapter. You are keeping me on the edge of my seat, you. I'm enjoying it
< 3

And Andy in this makes me glee. Just saying. I have hopes for what
you'll do with him, but who knows... ;)

mistress'of'stump238                   (User #7767) N/A 09/27/2009 11:01:45pm

oooohhhhhh! god damn you wentz! ahhh! omg now im annoyed. anyways absolutley great update. cant wait for the next one and seems like ill be waiting for a wile! anyways. grrr! why pete? why?

Moonlighter                   (User #7687) N/A 09/16/2009 01:57:43pm

Great story! Please, please update soon!

Part #4 - Let's Play This Game
Stump-o-matic-girl                   (User #7189) N/A 09/14/2009 01:12:35pm

I totally dig this story! I understand the midwest winters :(
I'll be patiently waiting along with the rest of us, cause you, my friend... You are awesome! :D

Ismene Everett                   (User #7355) N/A 09/13/2009 11:53:07pm

*Hyperventilates* oh my gosh, you mentioned me in the A/N! Heh heh heh! I feel so famous!

hahahjust kiddding.

I would love for there to be a bazillion million chapters...

but I understand if you can't make it to quite that many! haha

that being said, you've produced another fantastic chapter, so kudos for that.

can't wait for the update.

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