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Part #2 - Chapter 01
songstuckinyourhead                   (User #7573) N/A 08/19/2009 05:42:30pm

Um HELLO! This is amazing!
I don't like it when people are mean and inconsiderate.
I'm sad about it.

Update soon... Excellent so far.

JustineJealousy                   (User #6973) N/A 08/17/2009 07:49:57am

I really like how this started.
I can kind of relate since I'm not the skinniest person on Earth.
People can be so cruel. Its a shame.
I have a feeling I'm really going to like this story.
Update soon please.
xoxo just!ne

Stump-o-matic-girl                   (User #7189) N/A 08/17/2009 06:30:47am

Agreed. Patrick is just plain awesomeness.
And got the feeling of this being a Peterick like you WhenYouCatchFire, I will also be continuing when the updates come along.
People that insult other people's weight are just ignorant.

Update soon.

mistress'of'stump238                   (User #7767) N/A 08/17/2009 01:48:13am

i can totally identify with you! i mean my friends see the pics on my walls and are like "why do you have hearts by patrick? dont you like pete?" and i'm thinking yeah hes hot, nice body blah blah but patrick has the soul of an angel and a heart of gold. hes beautiful. i hate it when people say he's fat because hes just not. you want fat? google half tonne man and then patrick looks just as skinny as pete. hes gourgeous. one of the most beautiful people on the planet. hes not fat! hes just a teddy bear perfect for hugs'n'snugs! aww i love him! hes great and i'm really happy your writing this story! sorry this is so long. i totally admire you writing this!

Dezzy                   (User #6892) N/A 08/17/2009 01:09:23am

I get the obvious feeling what with his heart beat increasing that this is Peterick. But I will read this anyway. It makes me wanna cry too. How utterly cruel some people can be. Your school mates will never amount to anything like Patrick. They are vapor. No he isn't fat. He's perfect. I could rant all day but I won't. Good job update soon.

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