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Part #17 - 016- French Toast Or Zacky Vengeance?
Annie_Vengeance                   (User #7968) N/A 11/17/2009 03:22:20am

WOW. Such an amazing sorry. Sorry for reviewing SO late, but I just found
about this story cause you started a sequel so I came to read this one first...

AMAZING!! really, it was a tremendously original idea to write about a call girl,
it gives the story so much spice! I loved it, I'm sure there's no other story that
could be compared with this one, and you got down the subject so accurately,
it was overwhelming...

I can't wait to start reading the sequel, so it's a plus you already started LOL I
promise to review each chapter in that one!!

Briandy G.                   (User #7446) N/A 09/28/2009 08:53:00pm

The last note is GENIUS!!!!

Can't wait to for the sequel! Excited about what happens next!

~Embrace The Madness... foREVer~                   (User #7321) N/A 09/28/2009 04:48:13am


I have no idea what to say... lmao...

*hides Professor Sanders in my closet* WHY do you keep stealing Matty??

*falls over laughing* beautiful way to end it!! well done!

synsterr                   (User #7349) N/A 09/28/2009 03:56:05am

Stupid fanworks cutting me off. =P

I was gonna add in the last one..amazing story.

synsterr                   (User #7349) N/A 09/28/2009 03:30:22am

I knew it!!!!!! Hahaha.

Yay for sequel!!!!
And yay for "Hot for Teacher"!!!!
Love that 1st chapter. =D

JazzyVengeance                   (User #7247) N/A 09/28/2009 02:23:24am


JazzyVengeance                   (User #7247) N/A 09/28/2009 02:23:00am



Part #16 - 015- Three, Two, One.
Briandy G.                   (User #7446) N/A 09/20/2009 05:14:21am

Holy mother of hot sex Batman! That was wonderful!

synsterr                   (User #7349) N/A 09/19/2009 05:38:57am

Haha. "It feels quite pleasureable for me too." That made me
laugh for some reason. Idk why. XD

And i love your A/N. " the next chapter!!!" Bhahha. Tease..


Part #15 - 014- Save Tonight.
synsterr                   (User #7349) N/A 09/19/2009 05:25:47am

So adorable. =D
I loved this chapter.
I feel you on the busy thing, sister. Haha.

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