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Built For Syn                   (User #8500) N/A 04/03/2010 07:31:14pm

That was... AWESOME!

I'mTheFuckingWildOne                   (User #7342) N/A 07/07/2009 07:18:46pm

Very sick! In the best way!
I tryed to read this the other day,
but my computer fucked up.
Anyway loved it!

synsterr                   (User #7349) N/A 07/07/2009 06:10:45am

Sick. Hahaha. But great story.

Yoiu really should do more. Loooove your writing.

AvengedExpectations                   (User #7230) N/A 07/07/2009 04:46:47am

I feel special. :3
My name was on the top of that. LOL.
I feel cool.
Amazing story BTW! You should do more!

Dirty Vengeance                   (User #7601) N/A 07/07/2009 12:12:27am

This was absolutely amazing!

Alexa Vengeance                   (User #7468) N/A 07/06/2009 11:38:02pm

Oh, that was lovely! Great perspective. Nice job turning it into a story!

~Embrace The Madness... foREVer~                   (User #7321) N/A 07/06/2009 11:22:22pm

I fucking loved that...

Now... Talk to me... What's next?????

*corners you in a dark alley* don't make me take advantage of you!!!

VengeanceAtMidnight                   (User #7048) N/A 07/06/2009 08:14:33pm

I loved that! :)

I liked how you put lines in from the song aswell

You captured all the feelings she must have had. Fear, Anger, Pain, Disgust, Shock, Excitement... There's just so many.

I love a good killing scene and this was no exception, I cant wait to see what other fics you come up with :)

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