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Kylie                   (User #8229) N/A 12/23/2009 05:56:29am

I totally think that this should be edited and turned into a book/movie. I can totally imagine this being on the big screen! But you'd probably have to take out the Ashlee Simpson/Paris Hilton disses XD

mistress'of'stump238                   (User #7767) N/A 11/16/2009 08:38:00pm

sequal? oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!

Part #66 - When The Day Met The Night
madlax_devil                   (User #7236) N/A 09/21/2009 03:45:41am

long and awesome!!! i think im gonna re-read this story lol and i totally love this line "And the refrigerator, it was happy, too." ahaha...

mistress'of'stump238                   (User #7767) N/A 08/30/2009 09:42:28pm

okay my favorite bit was the way all the charecters were thrown in. like vaughn, joe, hurley, get the picture. but the real highlight was the way they all came together at the end. i loved it. you portrayed everyone perfectly and oh my god...i hate to admit it but you made me cry. this is by far the best PETE story on here. dont get me wrong, i love patrick to death it's just theres never any pete stuff on here and you get tired of all the patrick. this was great to cure my need-4-pete illness!!!
the story was phnomonal. great job, well done, love sam. love lilly. love pete. love william. love robert. love mike. love vaughn. love brendon. love hurley. love joe. love pete's mum and dad. not so crazy about hash!
sorry this is so well done.

Part #42 - Everything Sucks When You're Gone
mistress'of'stump238                   (User #7767) N/A 08/28/2009 02:49:27am

sucks-2-be hash!!!!
wooo! love your story
but i am giving myself sleep deprivation reading it.
will be reading more tomorrow
coz would rather not have to tape my eyes open to read
then again your story may be just that good...

Part #25 - Your Ruse Was So Fake
mistress'of'stump238                   (User #7767) N/A 08/26/2009 06:24:02pm

you made me cry...that means its a good story.
i HATE hash with a passion.
please tell me he ends up with sam???
no need i'm finishing this thing today.

mistress'of'stump238                   (User #7767) N/A 08/26/2009 02:44:35am

hey. i'm so freaking tired. its 3:40. i have tried hard to stay up to finish your story but i'm only up to chapter 20 and i fear if i stay up reding any longer i will go blind. i have been reading this thing since 10:30. to be fair i think i'm doing okay. sort of upset were i left it though. (sam just sort of passed out.) and can i guess with some of these comments that hash is going to wake up? oh my god you could write freaking movies. could you imagine? pete wentz in a movie. haha. i will probably wake up and go straight back to reading this thing. i am obsessed. amazing writing. XD lurrrve it. go you. xx

mistress'of'stump238                   (User #7767) N/A 08/25/2009 05:53:36pm

ok...heres the hitch...i cant get away from my computer for reading your story!!!! i only started reading it today...i'm up to chapter 4 now. determined to finish it before i go to sleep tonight. seeing the amount of chapters it seems impossible but i read tonnes... love it already i have a friend just like sam and i'm making her read it too. love the charecters...sure i wont be able to fall asleep reading such an amazing story!!! great job!!!

Part #66 - When The Day Met The Night
layersoflies                   (User #1936) N/A 08/20/2009 04:51:53pm

So, I'd just like to start out saying that I stayed up until three in the morning reading this last night! I started reading at the beginning of the summer and kind of fell away until last night. This story was so fun and heart breaking at the same time. You balanced the characters of Sam and Peter so well, made the opposites, yet perfect together. The characters, though quirky, were absolutely believable and real. The story absolutely made my heart smile without being over the top with cheesy cliches. To sum it up, I adored this story.

But what about poor Brendon? Does Sam ever realize he's not gay? And poor William, so unloved.

Anyway, again, fantastic story.

FallOverGirl                   (User #7132) N/A 08/19/2009 10:24:55pm

Oh My God!
First off, this is my absolute favourite story on here or possibly ever. I can't believe it's over, and Sam is the best character ever!
The ending was all brilliant and happy without being fluff, if I could write like that I would.
Anywho major kudos for being the creator of this work of awesomeness.

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