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Part #18 - And Baby Makes Four
sarah                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 01/23/2010 09:56:34am

“My son was a stud,” Bill said. “I'm pretty damn proud of him right now. He had seven naked girls with him when he was only fourteen! Jim, do you want a beer?”

love it!!!
haha, these chapters just get better!

Part #16 - I Try Living In The Moment
sarah                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 01/23/2010 09:27:54am

okay, change of plans!
THIS is now my favourite chapter!
haha, i can just imagine the look on Patrick's face if he found out about that!
i'm getting a vision of that pale skin turning red as Pete's bass, the glasses fogging up, and then heavy steam coming out the top of his pretty little head!
i'd imagine William doubled over with laughter...

Part #13 - Smother Me
sarah                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 01/23/2010 08:42:25am

this has been my favourite chapter so far!
Jim's speech really reminded me of Patrick when he proposed to Kat.
aww, those decaydance guys are just sweeties!
*hugs self*
anyways, hope you write a lot more stories as good as this one and its conpanions! :)
happy typing!

Part #34 - She's Better Than My Fantasy Girl (She's Real)
doyleangel                   (User #5808) N/A 01/06/2010 08:26:03pm

Fantasmatic chapter. That's right. I made up a word for this review lol.
I miss James and Annabelle. I'd kinda forgot bout them :-(

But glad they're back :-)

BornInHeels                   (User #5334) N/A 01/06/2010 05:59:29am

HANGOVER MENTIONS = A + on this chapter.

Mhm--I give grades now I guess.
Oh man, I have missed the Becketts, they are fantastic and cute and cuddly...and i just want this story to be a movie so i can watch it over and over like I do 500 days of summer. ;)

I love this!

Part #33 - Heartbeat, B-beat, Beat, Beating
AshleyyAshes                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 11/27/2009 04:07:10am

i reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wish you would update this...

WorldOnStringer                   (User #6720) N/A 07/30/2009 01:06:15am

awwwws. HELLS YES, DANA IS BAYACK. *beams like a unicorn on magical marshmallows*

I loved.

doyleangel                   (User #5808) N/A 07/26/2009 09:22:09pm

YEAH!!!! The return of AJ and James. Aw, I've missed this couple.

So we see how AJ let him get some action. How nice of her lol

BornInHeels                   (User #5334) N/A 07/25/2009 09:47:22pm

ohhhh the Becketts are back
And in motion!
But not the motion James would like to be in...hahaha.

Anyway AJ doesnt need to be all self concious, her hubby still loves her forever and ever even if she does look like she just had twins.

I was happy to see an update on this. weeee!
You rock my socks!

stumplover89                   (User #6833) N/A 07/25/2009 06:40:17am

I've missed it too. I'm happy you're back at it. Hope you update soon. I missed
the young Becketts couple

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