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Part #4 - Chapter Two
Tierney6661                   (User #10230) N/A 11/22/2011 08:28:20pm

I know this post is ancient, but I have to say I love this
story... It's so hilarious :)

Part #33 - Chapter Thirty (Part Two)
arreisvengeance                   (User #8791) N/A 07/16/2010 10:55:08pm

for the record, the ending was absolutely perfect and I think I'm crying.
((just a little!!)) but yeah that was amazing. I went from team zacky to
team someone in avenged to team Matt! now all you gotta do is have
zacky dump Gena and find someone better!!! or at least make her a less
slutty person....

Part #21 - Chapter Nineteen
arreisvengeance                   (User #8791) N/A 07/16/2010 09:20:24pm

haha I saw what you wrote about bandit. it's the reason I took the time to
review :) ((don't get me wrong it's just normally I review at the last
chapter that's posted)) I freaking HATE Lyn-z. she needs to die. >:( but
yeah great fanfic!!!!! and for the record I'm TEAM ZACKY! isn't it funny
how some famous person could be with someone in a fanfic and that's
ok but if they're with someone in real life, it's so not cool.

Part #33 - Chapter Thirty (Part Two)
Screaming Silence                   (User #5693) N/A 02/04/2010 11:59:05pm

I could have sworn I had reviewed this?! O_O Oh dear, I suck... sorry honey!

I loved this chapter. It was a perfect ending to an imperfect romance! This story has had it's ups and downs, but I love the fact that there's now a end to the turbulence.

Bravo M'dear.


CutieMcfoREVer                   (User #7197) N/A 12/31/2009 06:21:35am

yes, it was satisfying enough.
The ending of this was very sweet.

loved it!

haleyhollows                   (User #7133) N/A 12/30/2009 03:38:43pm

this was awesome :)

SteffiSevenfold                   (User #6218) N/A 12/30/2009 03:20:46pm

Haven't read most of the chapters yet. I will and I'll write the best reviews I can muster for them.
Just making sure you're okay still. With everything.
God knows what some people are doing at this moment just to meet Jimmy on the other side.
Smile, hunny. He misses you, too.
< 3

Haylie Jaed                   (User #3426) N/A 12/29/2009 07:49:40am


It took my half an hour to even gather the courage to read this. Then I have to keep wiping away tears. But I needed to read, and I'm glad I did. Lovely ending. I don't know what more to say.

Great chapter, hun.

Part #32 - Chapter Thirty (Part One)
CutieMcfoREVer                   (User #7197) N/A 11/29/2009 10:07:32am

Jimmy is a funny drunk. thats all i have to say for that.

I can't wait to see how everything goes down.
and it might be sad!?!

update soon! cause i love this so much!

synsterr                   (User #7349) N/A 11/29/2009 04:31:34am

Oh my god, I LOVED this chapter. And hoorah for an update!

I agree with HaylieJaed totally. I bet she DOES have another
boyfriend. Haha. Let's hope not..cause then that means she
woulda moved on really fast. Haha.

I'm sorry you're all sickly. =( hope you get better soon.

This chapter was really funny too. Jimmys drunkness, and his
conversations with Matt and the band.

Great chapter, chica!!! =)
Update ASAP.


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