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soullust                   (User #8371) N/A 04/01/2011 10:54:02am

So obviously this one-shot is 2years old but I'm still sorry bout your grandmother.I freak out everytime my grandma doesnt answer the phone! Great job writing this! And I hope you enjoyed meeting HU!

Haylie Jaed                   (User #3426) N/A 04/07/2009 05:33:07am

Just re-read this story because it's so freakin' fantastic, and it was like reading it for the first time again. The raw emotion and pain is just so real that it makes you cry every. single. freakin'. time. And that's a gift. It's like they say: "to be moved rather than to move". You can move people in a way that many would kill to. ^_^ Just thought I should let you know that. =) Your work is fantastic. I know I didn't read "Seize The Day", but I probably will in near future. When it beckons. No doubt it will. =) So keep up the great work!! XD

...yay for not using paragraphs. =P Whoops.

The Reverend Jessica Plague                   (User #6969) N/A 03/08/2009 06:21:13pm

I loved this story and I'm sorry about your family. But I'm really happy for you that you got to meet Hollywood Undead! Anyway, awesome story! By the way, update 'Seize the Day' really soon:)

shadzlove                   (User #5955) N/A 03/07/2009 07:29:54pm

I felt Zacky's pain 100% -- all four of my grandparents have past away. It's
such an awful feeling.
Despite the drama, this was a sweet story especially at the end.
Good Job!
And writing's my therapy too ^_^


Frankie Cooper                   (User #6517) N/A 03/07/2009 06:45:12pm

Aw that was sweet how Matt talked Zee out of cutting himself!So Emotive it was great!

Wow you meet Holywood undead hey?! I'd love to see what they really look like!

XO Frankie!

143shadowluv                   (User #6617) N/A 03/07/2009 05:41:20pm

holy crap that was good. i loved it. i felt his pain. ive been through that. good job hun;)

Haylie Jaed                   (User #3426) N/A 03/07/2009 04:59:34pm

This hit me really hard 'cause I lost my great-grandmother just last week. We weren't as close as most people are to their families, but it was still pretty upsetting. So I really felt Zacky's pain here. The slash was just an added little bonus - it was really sweet. =)

Great work. Writing always is good for therapy...

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