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Ensatsukokuryuha                   (User #1054) N/A 03/16/2009 01:38:52am

It has been too long since I've read a story from you. Even with the impending doom of a test tomorrow I had to read it. It was nice to hear this story, of a slightly more mature Yuusuke, yet still the same child he has always been in the anime. I was surprised when you killed off Hiei, and by the time Kurama was gone, I could tell exactly where this was heading. Yet for some reason, I felt nothing. Perhaps it was due to personal reasons... If I were reading this on a normal day, I may have felt some tugging on my emotions, but today... nothing... It's not to say that you're story was bad. No, the imagery was as vivid as ever. And the tones expressed the emotions I'm sure you intended. But today for one reason or another, I am immune. Regardless, I hope you continue to write. And hope that you will one day return to finish Twitch Twitch which you have written some time ago.

MissBlackMrBlue                   (User #1210) N/A 03/05/2009 08:30:59am

Have a blast and take care. Keep being imaginative and keep creating. You were always one of the best at creating movies from words.

[MissBlackMrBlue.... Formerly JoJo107.
PostScript: If you ever need anything, my e-mail is or, if it doesn't show, it's on my profile... Oh, and I have two movie rec's for you, though you probably have already seen them.. "A Clockwork Orange" directed by Stanley Kubrick and "In The Mouth of Madness" directed by John Carpenter]
[Oh! and I have another movie rec. "Donnie Darko" by Richard Kelly]

MissBlackMrBlue                   (User #1210) N/A 03/05/2009 08:23:40am

Hello Blkwidow [not sure if I have the right to call you by your rl name], it's been ages since you appeared on the radar. You probably don't recognize me, but this is Brandi [JoJo107] from fanworks and mediaminer and originally [before removed Insert Yourself stories]. I am happy to see you are alive, or as alive as can be, and I hope everything worked out in your life.

As always, your writing is haunting and beautiful. You have improved since I last read your work [most recent being your poetry and "Twitch, Twitch"] and you have altered your style, but only slightly. To me, it is still a very unique style, easily recognizable as your own. You did manage to choke me up at the end, so you didn't fall flat. You captured the true essence of the characters and made them seem real. You showed their flaws and their strengths, making them 3D rather than the typical 2D you see in most stories nowadays and you made great use of a frame for the story then have a story inside of that story's frame. Again, it was heartbreaking and beautiful, full of emotive and very engaging. The only error I saw was a missing comma or two, but that's no biggie.

I enjoyed that you recommended a song to listen to as one would read your delightful story. Your musical choices are always so fitting and delightful in themselves. Having a song to listen to takes me back to listening to "Memphisto" when you first recommended a song, and then helping you send out songs to a few other readers when they needed them, as well as recommending "Breathe No More".

Best wishes and may all be well. I hope you are the woman you used to be, not the spider, not the shadow, and the the... you said another one a long time ago in "Twitch, Twitch"... Anyway, hope you are fine and happy. You're writing is still marvelous.

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