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Part #14 - This Midwest Town Is Gonna Miss You
apocalypticdreamer                   (User #6897) N/A 03/29/2009 10:17:00pm

And why in every fanficion, Brendon is a hyperactive kid that lives off red bull?
But anyway, I love the story!



AimAndIgnite                   (User #7040) N/A 03/29/2009 01:38:38pm

Hmmpff.. I'm still in the world of Ryden but I enjoyed the Ron.
See... if I was saying that to someone who knew nothing about PATD they would call me crazy.

God damn it I am crazy!

XD Lovess

Part #13 - Hopeless Hearts That Make Me Ill
WorldOnStringer                   (User #6720) N/A 03/24/2009 08:45:21pm

oohh dear, see what happens when i'm left without internet for a few days, all these updates that i miss!!! *sigh*

and now what SHALL happen to dear poor Brendon!?!

update soon girl!

Part #12 - The IV And Your Hospital Bed
A Light On In Chicago                   (User #7105) N/A 03/19/2009 06:19:37am

Great chapter!

Update soon, please? Your story rocks!

Part #11 - Who Am I Now?
A Light On In Chicago                   (User #7105) N/A 03/15/2009 09:52:52am

Oh my god, this story rocks. I love it.

Please update soon? I need to know what happens to Ryro! :D

Part #10 - It's The End Of A Broken Heart
FallOverGirl                   (User #7132) N/A 03/14/2009 04:30:52pm

OH EMM GEE! This Story Is Awesome, Update Soon Plz!

Part #9 - Things Have Changed For Me
WorldOnStringer                   (User #6720) N/A 03/13/2009 10:11:26pm

Honey, you totally didn't have to explain the title--it made *perfect* sense. =) Good choice.

As for this, well, I was happy to see an update!

More soon I hope?

Part #8 - Hotter Touch, A Better Fuck
JustineJealousy                   (User #6973) N/A 03/08/2009 06:33:38pm

lmao. loving the cooties quote in the summary.
hot chapter. [:

MoniIsAHomicidalManiac                   (User #7052) N/A 03/08/2009 05:37:46pm

Oh, of course, now I get it.

Don't send me random bits on AIM >.<

I hate you. Nice chapter, (Pervert xD)

Part #7 - Oh No, No, No, No, You Better Watch Your Back
JustineJealousy                   (User #6973) N/A 03/05/2009 08:13:54pm

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's on my underwear. Hey, listen, Jon and I can't pick our
Poptarts. Strawberry or Cinnamon?

Haha. I choose cinnamon.
Loving the story. ^^
Update really soon.
Otherwise I'll bug you on AIM o_0

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