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Part #12 - Paper Cranes
MeltYourHeadaches                   (User #7684) N/A 08/30/2009 06:20:36pm

awh, you have no idea how much it means to me!
thank you so much for updating, you seriously just made my day.
i really like this chapter, and i seriously can't wait for more!
update soon?
i already love you forever for updating this time, but now i'll love you for eternity? (:

Part #11 - Scream For Me
MeltYourHeadaches                   (User #7684) N/A 07/27/2009 02:48:30am

Ahh, i really like this. and shut your face because this isn't shit at all.
you're a really amazing writer and i'm legit enjoying reading this.
please update? i'll love you forever (:

Part #8 - And Here. We. Go.
WorldOnStringer                   (User #6720) N/A 02/21/2009 05:04:03pm

Ah yes, we need an update. So here's my review. Fantabulistically intriguing.

pantyparty                   (User #6856) N/A 02/21/2009 04:56:47pm

Jesus, Mr. Ross needs a straight kick to the face. Respect for the dead. Blah blah blah. Move this story along, I actually really love it.

Part #7 - Unmasked
pantyparty                   (User #6856) N/A 02/04/2009 08:30:43pm

I enjoy the fact you didn't make his father rape him. Kudos.

Part #6 - Switchblades And Infidelity.
pantyparty                   (User #6856) N/A 02/04/2009 01:21:21pm

Admittedly, I like this a lot more than your other one. I think it's my dislike of most female characters. They're usually either too whiney or too 'walled up.' I'm really looking forward to more...and I also have to admit I was kind of hoping for some Ryden when Ryan showed up at his house. I think I frequent this website too much.

WorldOnStringer                   (User #6720) N/A 02/03/2009 10:42:21pm

I liked it too... it was pureeety awesome. Update soon... PWEASE?!?!

JustineJealousy                   (User #6973) N/A 02/03/2009 10:02:46pm

i liked the ending a lot.
what will ryan do?
update soon please. :]

Part #3 - The Pros And Cons Of Breathing.
JustineJealousy                   (User #6973) N/A 02/01/2009 10:30:18pm

i really like this.
cnt wait for the next chapter. :]

A terrible Beauty                   (User #6098) N/A 02/01/2009 09:12:33pm

i'm liking this more soon


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