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Part #6 - Little Sister
Screaming Silence                   (User #5693) N/A 02/15/2009 11:00:02am

Oh god! This made me cry! Seriously, it did! But she's a fucking genius! How she planned everything was fantastic! Andddd she had a baby! Awww! Lil Shadows! But she wont get to see Matt again! *Cries*
Dude, I am so sad to see this story end! It was awesome!!! Please write another fic soon, 'cause I'd love to read more of your stuff! You're a fantastic writer!

Is there any chance of a sequal??? *hint hint*


Part #5 - Darlin'
Screaming Silence                   (User #5693) N/A 02/01/2009 01:39:57pm

Oh my gooood! Awesome freaking chapter dude! Ohhh I need to know what happens next!
Please update soon!!! I freaking love this story! Which is weird due to the content! lol!
More please?!?!?!

Part #4 - Kitten
Screaming Silence                   (User #5693) N/A 02/01/2009 01:15:55pm

*Has only just seen that you updated*
Oh my god! Awesome chapter! But damnnnnnn Zack's a right arsehole!

143shadowluv                   (User #6617) N/A 01/30/2009 02:05:40pm

holy crap.. zacky is like dr jeckel and mr hyde. fantastic chapter hun!! cant wait for more

Part #3 - Baby Girl
Screaming Silence                   (User #5693) N/A 01/25/2009 07:05:44pm

God this is such an amazing story! I never thought about telling a story from this point of view - with Zack being evil and all! lol!
But this is sooooo great!!! Graphic but great!
Can't wait for more dude!

143shadowluv                   (User #6617) N/A 01/25/2009 04:06:45pm

holy shit!!! damn good story! i sooooo want to believe him but i dont know if i do.. i cant wait for more!

Haylie Jaed                   (User #3426) N/A 01/25/2009 05:44:32am

Hmm... To believe him, or not to believe him? O.O It's such a twist!! On the one hand he could have done it while he was drunk. On the other, maybe he didn't. Gahh!! I can't wait to see how this all ends. But there's still time to figure it all out!! =D

Awesome stuff. Can't wait for more. =)

Part #2 - Sweetheart
shadzlove                   (User #5955) N/A 01/24/2009 05:28:34pm

Holy shit! That was seriously intense. Like Haylie said, that was necessary for
this story.
Dude, I can't believe what Zacky did to Matt's sister.

Screaming Silence                   (User #5693) N/A 01/24/2009 04:26:23pm

Wow! This was interesting... a good interesting though!
Matt's sister?! Oh god. I really wanna know what happens next now!!!
I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
Update soon please!

143shadowluv                   (User #6617) N/A 01/24/2009 02:52:51pm

holy crap! gooood story!!!! where did she go? please update soon!!

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