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Part #10 - Decisions Are Made And Not Bought
JustineJealousy                   (User #6973) N/A 04/11/2009 09:53:24pm

ry must save lenny!
god damn uncle...
save her!
update asap

doyleangel                   (User #5808) N/A 04/06/2009 02:04:54pm

Oh, what a bastard uncle....grr...I'm very angry at him right now. GGGGRRR!!!! I hope that Lenny is ok and I hope Ryan can figure out where to drop the money. Grr...

Update soon!

Kristal Comeau                   (User #2856) N/A 04/06/2009 02:02:57pm

awww poor lenny! and ry he feels so bad
and now he has to go save her because of stupid stupid greedy, annoying, self centered, jerk thomas!
srry there was no review for the last cahp. it was short and i went straight to this one....
but they were both awesome!
i can't wait for the next chap!!!!!!


MadAsRabbits                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 04/06/2009 11:26:04am

TOOOO LAZY TO LOG IN!!! lol ok so this isnt anomynous this is MadAsRabbits. The one who reveiws alot! And likes Red Bull...see there you go you remember me now?? OK good.
Awwwwwwwwwww poor Lenny!!! And Ryan! (sorry i didn't reveiw on the last chapter i came on here and its like 7 chapters...NO 9 CHAPTERS) Dude if i were Lenny i would've like idk shot would've been like YOU BASTARD!! AH and punch him very hard. Aw i feel bad for them. This is a really long reveiw. Dannggg ok im done.
Update soon?

Part #8 - If You Cut Me I Suppose I Would Bleed The Colors Of The Evening Stars
Kristal Comeau                   (User #2856) N/A 03/27/2009 05:53:43pm

poor ryry
he didn't mean it! he was sad and angry.........
but i was happy he came to his senses!
he feels terrible...

i loved it!


MadAsRabbits                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 03/18/2009 06:24:48pm

Whoa! I seriously thought he was gonna really hurt her badly! That was a kinda scray chapter but i can see where Ryan is coming from, oh yeah YAY UPDATE!! Lolz ok that was a good chapter!
update soon??

doyleangel                   (User #5808) N/A 03/18/2009 12:05:07pm

Oh wow, poor Lenny and Ry.
I'm sure she was scared when he started throwing stuff.
At least he admits that being upset was no excuse.

update soon!!

JustineJealousy                   (User #6973) N/A 03/17/2009 10:44:16pm

poor ry.
hes upset, angry, and confused at the same time.
thank god he realized what he did and didnt hurt lenny even more.
update soon. :]

Part #7 - I'm Bringing Sassy Back
JustineJealousy                   (User #6973) N/A 03/11/2009 11:23:24pm

cute chapter.
eek. creepy stalker guy.
update soon. :]

doyleangel                   (User #5808) N/A 03/09/2009 03:14:46pm

Ok, i'm worried about this stalker guy....nothing can happen to's just not right...

update soon!!!

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