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Part #40 - Easter
-Spilled-Red-Ink-                   (User #5782) N/A 05/01/2009 03:54:22pm

Sorry this is so dammed late, I haven't been on here in days. lol Anyway- that was really cute.

Part #34 - Groundhog's Day
wounds_scar                   (User #7191) N/A 04/29/2009 03:10:22am

This is my biiiirthday
*I like being laaate*
Singing songs if fuuun

Part #40 - Easter
wounds_scar                   (User #7191) N/A 04/29/2009 03:09:14am

teehee, eggs +D
*giggles* I know what the IOU will be...

Bob will let Mikey make eggs on his chest. Then cover him head to toe in boiling chocolate, which will then harden, and we'll have a magical choco-Bob with choco-fried eggs.

Hah. That's my Tuesday night for ya!

Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 04/29/2009 01:48:01am

lol. that was a great chapter!!!
i kinda want 2 c the IOU in use though! maybe the next one?!
i can't wait 4 more. (hope theres another holiday soon!)


Part #39 - Bikey Holidays Have Been Canceled.
MyXDiscoXIndulgence                   (User #6737) N/A 02/26/2009 01:49:05am

awww , damn. oh the mean time write more
one shots ?!!!??

Part #38 - Feb 19th
Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 02/19/2009 09:28:00pm

yay FIRST!!!!!!!!!

Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 02/19/2009 09:27:51pm

Lol, that was a great chapter. Yay snowball fights with My Chem on my team!!!!
Wow, I squeeled so loud when I saw this and my mom was like wtf?!
Thank you again, you just totally made my day!


Part #37 - Valentines Day, Flag Day (canada), And President's Day
Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 02/18/2009 09:22:38pm

lol. great chapter. you sure have a way with jamming what you want into what you have to do! can't wait for more. update soon!!

Part #36 - February, Friday The 13th
MyXDiscoXIndulgence                   (User #6737) N/A 02/14/2009 04:19:55am

lol , can i say that that with the holidays youre gonna be updating even more than you would normally :P GREAT CHAPTER !

Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 02/13/2009 10:09:22pm

That was adorable. Can't wait for the next addition!!!
I love German Shepherd puppies, they're so cute. But I definitely have to say that Dixie is my favorite German Shepherd.
Update soon!!!!!!!!

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