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LostInTheStatic                   (User #7900) N/A 10/14/2009 05:09:41pm

I'm pretty sure this review is past due BUT I had to say that I loved this so much. It was just so surreal, you know? I can picture them doing this. I felt like crying just reading it because it seems like it could be possible. Ahh Idk, but this is now on eof my top five favorite stories

A terrible Beauty                   (User #6098) N/A 06/23/2009 01:11:11am

Oh my fucking god. This literally blew my mind out of the water.
This is now one of my top favorites, I'm sad that I hadn't found it soon.
Absolutely brilliant, I'm addicted to postsecrets so this was like amazing
beyond belief. Great job, all of their secrets seemed real compared to who
they are personality wise. The characterization in this was beautiful. I don't give
out many compliments like this. So it means a lot. Very happy I've been made
aware of this.


Fauxaffliction19                   (User #7054) N/A 06/14/2009 03:09:32am

this is still my favourite piece on here

extremely talented..
so clever

i wish it went on forever

AimAndIgnite                   (User #7040) N/A 05/11/2009 07:16:45pm

I'm pretty sure my review is forever late but I couldn't give a fuck

I cried so much at this
and I don't cry..

I love you forever this is like the best thing I've ever read. No lie.

You should be very proud. You're one of the few people to make me cry with a story.. and you didn't even kill them.

Ack I'm still half crying now

I saved this on my computer so I can read it when I need to.

I'm such a loser..

I don't care

YOU are amazing

Fauxaffliction19                   (User #7054) N/A 04/05/2009 06:58:09am

oh my fucking god!
this is the best thing i have read on her, no joke
it is so wonderful and clever and argh
this is fantastic

best bit:

I cry myself to sleep.

I listen.

insane writing
just insane

Thriller_Stunning                   (User #4313) N/A 11/25/2008 12:37:25am

Wow, amazing.
I adore it.
You're a talented writer.


xPATD_LOVER19x                   (User #5819) N/A 11/24/2008 04:27:34pm

AW....That's soo cute! Great Job!

Hannahpotamus                   (User #6619) N/A 11/23/2008 02:19:17pm

Absolutely Amazing.
So full of emotion.
So Believable.
Well done!
You're really talented.
More of these?
I hope so...

music_addict                   (User #6565) N/A 11/22/2008 08:27:49pm

You did an amazing job. I really believed in your characters, which is a difficult
thing for an author to pull off. My heart melted when Brendon wrote, "I think
of you when I don't."
I love it.

musicxorxmisery                   (User #6186) N/A 11/22/2008 08:22:39pm

This was so good, I loved it!
The whole time I was thinkin about the All-American Rejects Dirty little secret vid, lol.
One of my fav one shots

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