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Part #11 - Chapter 09
A terrible Beauty                   (User #6098) N/A 12/08/2008 06:03:19pm

ohkay im gonna start off my telling you my internet wont
let me on my e-mail so if i dont talk for awhile its cause of that....
but anyways
i wish the ending had more of a bang...but everything was
just so great that i won't complain cause im that amazing
this was so good! agh i love how they ended where they
had begun thats mad cool.

loved this!

Part #10 - Chapter 08
EriLynn                   (User #6547) N/A 12/08/2008 05:16:37pm

This was so worth the wait
Update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marci Darci                   (User #6415) N/A 12/07/2008 08:49:18pm

wow...okay so...
you don't even understand how much lol
i was literally enthralled by this chapter.
i cannot wait for an update!

marmar                   (User #6162) N/A 12/07/2008 02:55:26pm

oh my gosh
that was brilliant
i can't wait for more
update soon

A terrible Beauty                   (User #6098) N/A 12/07/2008 01:23:24pm

it was so worth the wait!
omfg i cant wait for more
ahhhhhhhh !


Part #9 - Chapter 07
RY-SPOON lover                   (User #3309) N/A 11/28/2008 06:04:08pm


I have no words.

Marci Darci                   (User #6415) N/A 11/28/2008 05:01:32pm

i'm like weirdly nervous for Ryan right now.
he can't turn on Bren but at the same time...
Gabe is pretty convincing. he's hitting all the right nerves in Ryan.
you need to update asap please!

oh btw i love that you used a Winston Churchill quote.

A terrible Beauty                   (User #6098) N/A 11/28/2008 11:31:56am

agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need more now now now
gabe better not turn ryan against brenny like wtfff
who does he think he is? even tho gabe iss mad hot
so yeah, if i was ryan i'd probably consider it...

post more please this is so intense!!!


Part #8 - Chapter 06
marmar                   (User #6162) N/A 11/27/2008 03:17:57pm

aww that was so cute!
well if you ignore the whole they have guns and are about to kill someone thing but still
update soon

A terrible Beauty                   (User #6098) N/A 11/27/2008 01:20:14pm

oh my god! ados miossssss!
shet i need to know what happens
this chapter was amazing! omgomgogmgomg
im like flipping
okay i need to stop before i hyperventilate and fall over.
amazingly adorable
and if bren had a gun in real life i'd run like hell..
even tho he's more liekly to have a chainsaw
which i think scares me more O_o

update pleasepleasplease


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