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Part #13 - We Look So Good As We Fall
LVengeance                   (User #8441) N/A 05/05/2010 12:55:16am

Very very good....keep it up....update soon?

Annie_Vengeance                   (User #7968) N/A 01/05/2010 05:19:13am

Okay, I stopped reviewing because I stopped reading because I found out
about Jimmy and... well, I'm a mess. Today, I was masochistic enough to
come to the site and keep on reading... it hurts, but at least I can do it (it
frustrates me that I obviously can't write right now)

I know this whole thing is awful for all of us, and so I don't want to be a
total downer and spoil the review of the chapter by only talking about the
ghastly news...

So, I loved this chapter. I KNOW how awkward it gets to write sex scenes, so
I understand how you feel XD But, you did a great job, really, specially
knowing that it was the first time you wrote something like that...

And, WOW, thank you for promoting my story!! :D very, very appreciated

Part #6 - And Then I Was Lost In The Darkness.
Annie_Vengeance                   (User #7968) N/A 12/28/2009 07:33:02am

Okay, the fact that you used the "I am Synyster Gates and I am awesome!"
thing, that of when Brian was drunk with Jimmy driving around a park kinda
sucks because I had thought briefly of using that in Escape lol in one of the
flashbacks... but it is also awesome that I know you thought of that :D and I
love the name.. I had been suspecting —and hoping— scar stood up for that
one lol

Part #5 - Love Can Tear You Apart, And Kill You
Annie_Vengeance                   (User #7968) N/A 12/28/2009 07:05:38am

Ohhh see. I LOVE love at first sight. And so good to know it was mutual.
Deep blue hair? Woah, cool. I once thought about doing that, but I
chickened out. I went with strawberry red instead XD

Okay, I suck at reviews, that's why I almost always DON'T review. It's
strange, cause I love writing, but when it comes to reviews, I don't really
know how to put it in words :S

I didn't even know this story existed —my head is always elsewhere, I guess
— but then I saw it today and came to read it....

I... LIKE it :D

And I'm so very sorry for such a lousy review, I swear I will try to make some
improvements on this area...

Gotta go keep on reading :D

Part #13 - We Look So Good As We Fall
Kiitaa                   (User #7775) N/A 12/27/2009 09:45:44am

awwww,, it was awesome!! nice work! i want more!!!

Part #10 - God Bless Our Cheating Hearts
itsvickyy                   (User #7605) N/A 07/25/2009 08:38:30pm

this is a really cute story!

Megan Vee                   (User #7641) N/A 07/25/2009 04:17:33pm

*First! :)

I do like this story, but... [yes there is a but] i think you might need to make
the chapter a little longer and more organized.

I don't know about the other readers, but I tend to get a little lost in the things
that are going on. Maybe I'm just dumb, who knows.

But other than that, I enjoy this story and can't wait to see what's next!

Part #4 - I've Blocked Out The Past For A Good Reason
143shadowluv                   (User #6617) N/A 02/28/2009 01:05:12pm

first:) hehe. im tired can u tell? lol. anyways the yellow submarine that crap was funny as hell!!! love it! great chapter hun!!! update soooonnnnn:)

Part #5 - Love Can Tear You Apart, And Kill You
143shadowluv                   (User #6617) N/A 02/28/2009 01:02:33pm

first:) hehehehehehe. pixxie vengeance i love ur name by the way:) fantastic chapter!! i am so glad u updated it. i really loved the first chapters and i was afraid that you werent going to update it. but yay u did:) update soooonnnnnnn please:) cant wait for more

Part #3 - So Today I Threw It All Away
143shadowluv                   (User #6617) N/A 11/05/2008 06:21:32pm

please update soon. i love it:)

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