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saportapotteh.                   (User #5529) N/A 08/26/2008 02:36:51am

and Ten
are my fav
you should so think about aking one of those a full story

A terrible Beauty                   (User #6098) N/A 08/25/2008 09:01:55am

my three were control, same blood, and youth gone wild!!!
i really loved this i never thought of doing what you did here...just going through your ipod and writing little stories.

i hope you make one of them into a story i'd totally
read any of them


XShakeItAtTheDiscoX                   (User #5919) N/A 08/24/2008 09:56:39am

I'm soooo perfect. I'm soo pretty and adorable. Everyone loves me. All the girls and gay guys want on me, just because im the lead singer. Everyone else is jealous. Ryan wants me, Jon wants to be me and Spencer just follows whatever Jon does.

Ryan actually tried to shank me the other day, cause I told him Pete was hotter then him. Sheesh what a nut case.

My band is so good. Everyone knows were only big because of me. I am the frontman of course. Im the hottest, I sing the best. It's easy math.

Hot singer+awesome body+millions of fans=Me Brendon Urie.

I love my band though. Ryan is my bestest friend and Jon and Spencer are my friends too. I know they all secretly know I'm right.

The other day Ryan turned my Mic. off and tried to sing. It wasn't bad, but I'm 10x better. The mirror in my dressing room is perfect. It's the right angle to show how hot I am. It no wonder why Ryan wants me. He's handsome but not hot, not a sex symbol like me. They're still jealous, because my band makes the girls want to take off their underpants.

i had to put that whole last one because i freaking cried laughing.

its sooo truee, lol. jk.

i loved all of them but this one has to be my favorite.
i liked the last resort one too.

amazingg job XD

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