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Part #4 - Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat
marmar                   (User #6162) N/A 08/12/2008 01:07:51am

i love it
update soon

RY-SPOON lover                   (User #3309) N/A 08/01/2008 08:32:12pm

Dude. D;





Jesica                   (User #6017) N/A 08/01/2008 11:02:36am

I loved it
update soon


Annelies                   (User #6175) N/A 08/01/2008 10:13:48am

ahw.. poor Brendon :(
this makes me want to hug him
Ryan's so sweet ^^
I love them

Part #3 - Easy Tiger
marmar                   (User #6162) N/A 07/30/2008 07:21:16pm

i like this
i like how ryan is all stalkerish lol

ForgetYesterdayX                   (User #4620) N/A 07/29/2008 09:30:03pm

I love thiss, I like how almost stalkerish.

Update sooon.

RY-SPOON lover                   (User #3309) N/A 07/29/2008 08:55:44pm

Awwww! Dangit, my last review got cut off. D;

But, here's the continuation...

I LOVE this story! There are a few minor grammar/editing mistakes, but they're no big deal. I ADORE the way you're characterizing everybody. To see a more playful, fun, brave side of Ryan is just GREAT. Seriously. Pure love. And the last scene with RyRo and the birdy made my heart ache a little bit... :'] I love it.

PLEASE update soon!

RY-SPOON lover                   (User #3309) N/A 07/29/2008 08:53:14pm

"I watched as his hips swung from side to side with each step he took."


That is THE most adorable mental image in the universe, I swear.

xloveleadstopainx                   (User #5786) N/A 07/29/2008 04:55:07pm

I luv this story!

Annelies                   (User #6175) N/A 07/29/2008 01:08:54pm

thank god Ryan saved Brendon (:
Ryan talking to his bird is sweet ^^
thanks for updating so soon

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