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Part #7 - Chapter Six
Joci25                   (User #9436) N/A 12/03/2010 03:35:01pm

So where is the rest of the story about abby?

Part #6 - Chapter Five
Joci25                   (User #9436) N/A 12/03/2010 03:27:02pm

I was reading one story and then it switched to another?? What happened?

Part #25 - Chapter Twenty-Four
allybaby                   (User #8922) N/A 07/31/2010 02:45:11am

please update this soon! (:

Part #7 - Chapter Six
Annie_Vengeance                   (User #7968) N/A 11/30/2009 07:56:26pm

Okay, I just found this story and I was LOVING it so far... BUT I get to this chapter, and I realize that it doesn't belong to this story XD check it, if you can... cause after this chapter, all the chapters start belonging to other story... and I REALLY want to finish reading this one :(

Part #25 - Chapter Twenty-Four
synsterr                   (User #7349) N/A 07/08/2009 07:00:30am

I know I'm a little late to reading this story. But wow, that was
Read it all at once.

Confused myself too on the last line.
Misread and thought it said "..hanging you to death." I was all wtf?
What'd she do? Hahaha.
Got it now. =P

Anyway.... wow. Just wow.
So greatgreatgreat. =)

Part #24 - Chapter Twenty-Three
Dani                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 06/20/2009 07:34:33pm

Hey! Chapter 23 was AMAZING!
Are you going to update with 24 soon?
I started reading your other story; it's remarkable like all the others! :)

Part #14 - Chapter Thirteen
haleyhollows                   (User #7133) N/A 05/11/2009 12:41:22am

hey hey hey hey girlie!
greaat ass chapter!
michelle is a dumb bitch.
hey email me when u get the chance!

Part #25 - Chapter Twenty-Four
CutieMcfoREVer                   (User #7197) N/A 05/05/2009 07:46:59am

its the end... nooo!!!
i thought she was going to die!!!
i glad she didnt though... YAY!!!
but this was one of my all time favourite stories!!!
loved it... and going to miss it...


SteffiSevenfold                   (User #6218) N/A 05/04/2009 09:21:28pm


You bastard!
Ohmigoodness, this was AMAZING.
So freaking horrible, with her bleeding out like that and the camera.
I hope the bastard DIES in jail.
I hope Michelle dies in a fucking burning fucking hole.
I love you o.o
And I mean that in the most stalkerish way possible.

Screaming Silence                   (User #5693) N/A 05/04/2009 01:02:41am

OH MY GOD! o.o

I'm soooo glad she's safe and not dead! Maybe she can have a 'happy ever after'! Wooo!!!!

Dude, I freaking loved this story! Was just too awesome!
You are a true genius!!!

*sends you a box of acid pink socks!*

I bow to your greatness!


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