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Part #7 - Chapter 6
Briandy G.                   (User #7446) N/A 06/20/2009 06:14:50pm

AWW! Poor Zacky just wanted some mayo! That made me laugh so hard!

Part #6 - Chapter 5
Briandy G.                   (User #7446) N/A 06/14/2009 07:32:13am

And right then and there we had a little celebration of our own.

Always the best kind, in my humble opinion. ;)

Part #5 - Chapter 4
Briandy G.                   (User #7446) N/A 06/14/2009 07:19:11am

Swimming with a7x.... *drool*

Part #4 - Chapter 3
Briandy G.                   (User #7446) N/A 06/14/2009 07:17:01am

“Yes, thanks for getting her wet! It makes my job a lot easier.” Syn joked.

Best line EVER.

Part #3 - Chapter 2
Briandy G.                   (User #7446) N/A 06/14/2009 07:13:18am

Two girls that are into Johnny? I don't read many of those! lol

Part #2 - Chapter 1
Briandy G.                   (User #7446) N/A 06/14/2009 07:04:51am

Darn you and your enticing stories! I had every intention of getting on here and reading one chapter (I mean, it is 3 in the morning) and now I don't know that I can help but read another!

Part #41 - Chapter 40
Synical Doors                   (User #7071) N/A 05/02/2009 02:59:17am


It's four in the morning, but I finished it =]
And I'm proud of myself.
Especially as I have no lenses left and my glasses have wandered off again.

That was absolutely amazing!
The entire thing.
Right through = sheer brilliance.

I'm in the middle of hating you for your writing skills, but loving you for them, too.
For without them, I would be lacking in your awesome story lines to which I am addicted.
I salute you, good woman.

I'll read the sequel when I pick up my lenses in the afternoon x]

xJangsterrx                   (User #2052) N/A 09/05/2008 09:19:26pm

I would have reviewed earlier, but school started this past wednesday, so
I've been a little busy busting my ass. And it's my last year (w00t!!) so I
kinda have to bust my ass... real hard too, lol. (Plus work too, ugh)
But this was honestly the perfect ending. I think you nailed it. You could not
have possibly gotten any closer to perfection.
I'm kinda bummed that I can't review this anymore, but that's okay, I'll just
wait for your next story. (If you post one)
*starts tearing up* haha, it doesn't help that I was listening to a sad song
when reading/reviewing this either, lol.
I really cannot wrap my head around the fact that this was an absolutely
fucking amazing story.
Hope too read/review more from you!
I'm feeling so bittersweet right now...

(and I've begun working on the next chap. for my Zacky story, I've just been
busy w/work & school. I just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget!!)

MissVengeance                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 09/05/2008 07:44:16am

Aww, so sweet the whole just-married-thing^^ I'm really gonna miss updates, they make my day.
Fuck, I love this story and re-read the chapters all the time:D Sequel? PLEEASE! I'm additcted, even if I'm horrible at reviwe-ing(sorry) You're an awesome writer and I love your three stories. Keep up the good work;)

Screaming Silence                   (User #5693) N/A 09/05/2008 02:43:13am

*has tears streaming down her face*
Dude... amazingggg chapter. I love the happy ending. And the whole Zacky, sleeping in Carolyn's bed was just so sweet.
I totally cannot believe it's over. This was one of the greatest story's I have ever read!
You are an amazing writer, with an fantastic imagination!
I absolutley loved this freaking story.
Damn, that's it.
You need to tell me if you post another story or maybe even a sequel (hint). Because I would love to read anything by you!
I'm sad that I won't be reviewing anymore chapters on this story. ='(
But I cannot stress just how fantastic this story was!
Take care dude,
Screaming x

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