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Reviewer E-Mail Date
Part #20 - BASTARD!
kaitee                   (User #6105) N/A 01/01/2009 12:24:54pm

Wolla wolla bing bang
Love it!!!!!
Update again?? ;)

Part #18 - What A Loss
kaitee                   (User #6105) N/A 12/29/2008 10:17:22am

the car. the phone. the camera. the redbull. the person. the love. ONE LOVE. the brush. the pants. the underroos. the fuze. the fuse. the steven's untitles rock show. the RIP. the candy. haha this is fun. the television. the caprison box. the toothbrush. thee armada. the shoe. the SIGNED shoe. the concert. okay i'll stop.
lovelovelove the updates.
Dr. KOSTER? seriously taylor?

Part #19 - Remembering Sunday?
shannyy                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 12/28/2008 06:19:31pm

i love itt
more more more more.
update for update?

Part #16 - Veggiemite?
FloodedxLungs                   (User #6142) N/A 09/21/2008 02:22:38am

ooooh! very good!
i loved it! ;]
more soon, pleeeeaaaasssee?

kaitee                   (User #6105) N/A 09/20/2008 03:37:20pm

I do believe you should update.
Or are you like one of those author/people/dudes who will only update if you get a certain number of reviews??
Because I WILL spam it. :D

kaitee                   (User #6105) N/A 09/16/2008 09:19:43am

I loved it.
Even though I heard it over the TELEphon-o. :D
But it's even better reading it.
ILOVEYOU're writing.

Part #15 - Peyote
kaitee                   (User #6105) N/A 08/06/2008 10:35:46am

Post el new story-o.(:

kaitee                   (User #6105) N/A 07/22/2008 01:57:35pm


kaitee                   (User #6105) N/A 07/20/2008 08:51:18pm

When might-ith you update-ith?

kaitee                   (User #6105) N/A 07/15/2008 09:24:13pm

You owe Shannon an update missy.

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