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Part #43 - Chapter 42
Janelle87                   (User #7442) N/A 06/04/2009 03:08:25am

uh u should updateso david can see his girl again

Anne                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 06/15/2008 03:30:21pm

Really! I like you're story! If you would put more background, a little bit of character and enviroment in it, I would say it's one of the best one's I've read so far!

Really, pretty good in character ... to bad that we didn't get that much information on Londen. But anyway, nice story! Are you going to update or is this the end?

Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 04/06/2008 08:35:30pm

Was that the end?
Well, it was a good
story. YAY! I got it
done all in one day!


Part #42 - Chapter 41
Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 04/06/2008 08:33:32pm

Awww, how can she leave them?
Especially Sebby! (He's my fave!)
Or Davie?
Now i have to see what happens after
this chapter.


Part #41 - Chapter 40
Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 04/06/2008 08:31:35pm

Hmmm, my mom wouldn't
be all that understanding.
Lol. I liked this chapter too.


Part #40 - Chapter 39
Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 04/06/2008 08:30:13pm

Awww, that song makes me
get warm and fuzzies every
time i hear it. Sometimes
it's a good thing other times
its bad but songs like that
help you write really goood romance
filled chapters.


Part #39 - Chapter 38
Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 04/06/2008 08:28:40pm

Ahhh, going away parties.
They're so much fun yet
so sad at the same time.
Well, onto the next chapter.


Part #38 - Chapter 37
Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 04/06/2008 08:24:21pm

She won't leave, I'm
telling you. They'll
find a way to make her


Part #37 - Chapter 36
Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 04/06/2008 08:22:58pm

She can't move!
She can't leave David
behind! GAH!


Part #36 - Chapter 35
Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 04/06/2008 08:22:11pm

I've always liked the name Cassie.
Sorry, off topic.
Aww, poor Davey. I want to
give him a big hug. *huggles*


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