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Part #12 - Epilogue
Tarzard                   (User #1147) N/A 05/31/2008 10:12:32am

that was cute
i loved it.
it was greattt


Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 05/30/2008 04:23:32pm

Ha, David would do something
like that to rattle Pierre's nerves.
The ending was cool.
I loved the last line.
This was a great sotry, Car!


Part #11 - One Desrosiers Less Can Only Mean Two More Lefebvres
alyssaa-xo                   (User #5474) N/A 05/09/2008 09:15:25pm

great story!! :)

Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 05/07/2008 11:27:45am

I'm married.
I'm pregnant.
AND Taryn's there!
You better put an
epilogue to this story,
it doesn't seem complete
without one.
I love this story!


Tarzard                   (User #1147) N/A 05/06/2008 10:53:03pm

ok my first though.
ahh hawaii, drinks on the beach, showing of my sexiness in a bathing suit, the ocean which means boogie boarding and surfing. romantic nights. hahahaha but most importantly DRINKINGGGGGG!! hahahahahaha
and to my second thought.
HOLYYY CRAPPP MACKIES PREGGERS. ooh, that means she was doing the durttyyy, naughty naughty girl


Part #10 - There's A Slight Possibility Of Having ONE DESROSIERS LESS
Tarzard                   (User #1147) N/A 05/04/2008 10:04:33pm

i was going to say something along the lines of what Mack said
she totally stole my idea.
it was great.
i must know what happens nexttttttt


Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 05/04/2008 06:19:55pm

I didn't like it,
I LOVED it! Except
bad things always seem
to happen to me.
I bet I'm actually pregnant!
I'm right, aren't i?
Well, I won't know until
you update so update soon!


Part #9 - The Bouvier Tornado Twins Strike Back
Azzy                   (User #5573) N/A 04/01/2008 12:27:32pm

The letter..what is it???

I loved this chap.

Update soon..


Tarzard                   (User #1147) N/A 03/31/2008 04:41:37pm

yes, i hate you.
i just hate you so much i cant stand to write this review
im glad you updated, no ones updating sadly. haha
i loved it
and i want to know what the letter is, if its even anything important, im sure it is...righttt???

sooooo, update soon!!!!


Mack                   (User #4357) N/A 03/31/2008 04:40:46pm

Yeah, i want to know
what the letter is about
too. Update soon.


*Sorry it's short, i have to rush to
the shower or my brother will take too long.*

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