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Part #10 - Mall Time
alyssaa-xo                   (User #5474) N/A 05/20/2008 03:28:07pm

great chapterrrr,
update soon? :)

Carling                   (User #1230) N/A 05/13/2008 09:50:34am

i figured out that i really don't like that Jacob-boy.
he's a freaky stalker. and poor Karlie is cursed with him...

anyway, that chapter was great. Can't wait for the next.
so, update soon please!


Part #9 - Recovering Time
Carling                   (User #1230) N/A 05/13/2008 09:42:40am

I will review every single chapter of that story! if you like it or not.
that chapter great, like all the others!


Part #8 - Coma And Love
Carling                   (User #1230) N/A 05/13/2008 09:31:08am

*wipe away a single tear*
i love that drama-stuff plus the romantic side of your story...


Part #7 - Tennessee Here We Come
Carling                   (User #1230) N/A 05/13/2008 09:23:04am

What the fuck...???
i can't believe what i just read...


Part #6 - Girl Talk
Carling                   (User #1230) N/A 05/13/2008 08:57:51am

Awwww... *fangirl-sceam*
find no words.
i just L.O.V.E. it


Part #5 - Waking Up To The Sound Of Screams
Carling                   (User #1230) N/A 05/13/2008 08:51:48am

awww cute!
i really like this cheesy stuff =3


Part #4 - ...But I Will Find You
Carling                   (User #1230) N/A 05/13/2008 07:55:49am

huh? no review on that chap? what happend?

anyway, nice little (or big?) lie she brought up to make everybody feel comfortable.
a girl kicking chucks ass at the drum... amazing!

i'll head to the next chap.

Part #3 - You Can Run...
Carling                   (User #1230) N/A 05/13/2008 07:47:56am

Uwaahhh... an other "Chuck"-Story. That's great!
Anyway, that chapter was a pretty nice one... even if i don't know what you mean with that "ten"-thing, but hey, i can't know all the phrases.. i'm german.
i go for the next chap.
see ya later.

Part #2 - Life Is Funny In An Odd Sense
Carling                   (User #1230) N/A 05/13/2008 07:39:07am

on the first it sounds really good. hope the story will go on in that style... i'm going to read the next chaper now.


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