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Marielle                   (User #2650) N/A 02/23/2008 05:12:53pm

Oh. my. god.

The last half of that one shot I was near tears. Damn you and your absolutely amazing writing. That was fantastic hun!

Love you.

Sevilen                   (User #5486) N/A 02/18/2008 10:50:22am

wow that was depressing
yet an incredible fanfic
loved it


LittleIrishmenAren'tAllThat..                   (User #2944) N/A 02/16/2008 10:56:20pm

Finally! Took you forever to get it up! But I understand, School etc etc, cause I'm snowed under too.
BUT Back to the story!
Amazing! Good work, so glad you got this one finished. Turned out so good!
Anyway! I must be off, and once again, amazing!
And we must catch up!

Much Love,

Stee Xxx.

Melanie                   (User #5198) N/A 02/16/2008 03:06:55pm

Why do you do this to me?
Every time I read one of your stories I cry!
This one had me bawling!

God, you're amazing!

**VeRoNiCa**                   (User #1101) N/A 02/16/2008 07:51:49am

OMG Sweetie...such an intense one shot. This was incredibly touching, moving and at the same time very disturbing. I ADORED IT!!! Your stories have a way to get to us and shake us up.
Congrats for yet another great story!!!

xXmerci_pour_le_veninXx                   (User #2070) N/A 02/15/2008 09:28:04pm

okay, that was just amazing. this is no lie, i'm freaking sobbing.

some of the lines in it, they hit real close to home. i total understand Chuck loosing his best friend and how much it hurts. not as in death, but in the whole pushing her away thing. i know how much it sucks.

your an amazing writer and made an amazing story.


xJangsterrx                   (User #2052) N/A 02/15/2008 04:30:22pm

This was soooo good...
I almost cried, it was wicked sad
but it was utterly amazing!


XWelcomeToMyNightmareX                   (User #4334) N/A 02/15/2008 04:11:44pm

Woah, Loving it. =]


i'm not the last but i sure ain't the first                   (User #3760) N/A 02/15/2008 09:56:29am

that was so sad!!
but sooo fucking good.


loves ya lots


Creg Lefebvre                   (User #2559) N/A 02/15/2008 05:23:42am

tht was m-azing
and i lovs it !


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