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Part #3 - Chapter Two
chi                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 08/22/2009 04:54:06am

well, uh, she really started crying out of the blue but... i dunno all i could think about was getting stuck in an elavator with ville valo... nothing against gerard but he's taken

_supersmiley                   (User #6122) N/A 11/27/2008 05:43:53pm

|: update soon, please? ^_^ it's really good!

Nevaeh Lee                   (User #4761) N/A 02/17/2008 06:03:36pm

Fantastic work!...
I'm really liking this!

Deadlight3331                   (User #4653) N/A 02/17/2008 05:43:50pm

lol....MSI rules! they're new single is awesome! lol. great chappie! and us americans call it PE as well! lol

Part #2 - Chapter 1
pumpkinpie                   (User #4101) N/A 02/10/2008 10:00:27am

lol i like where this is goin but wot a dipshit to not recognise Gerard Way the very SECOND he stepped into the evlevator lol

Leigh_Ashworth                   (User #4010) N/A 02/08/2008 02:38:03pm

OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!! write more it plz. I can't wait see what happens.

christiexox                   (User #4560) N/A 02/05/2008 06:57:49am

That was SWEEEEEET!!!!!! 8D
I love your stories... for some reason I can't get enough of them!
I've never got stuck in an elevator before... simply pressed the emergency stop button XD Fun times....
I love your story so far, thanks for posting! --Christiexox

Deadlight3331                   (User #4653) N/A 02/04/2008 07:10:30pm

love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesomness! can't wait to read the rest!

xmcr.fob.patdx                   (User #4486) N/A 02/04/2008 12:34:02pm

I got stuck in an elavator once...just not with someone great like Gerard Way, I got stuck with bloody Tom L and all he did was panic about how he was gonna die and all that lmao!
Awwww hes one of me bezzies gotta love him lol.

Kia x

Loves Rays Guitar                   (User #5298) N/A 02/04/2008 10:23:28am

wow, thats so good!!! please write more!! =D

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