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IronManRocks                   (User #5924) N/A 06/29/2008 07:08:36pm

Oh and to Whatsername, my brother turns 32 this year. I am 4 1/2 years younger and there is 14 years between my eldest brother and my youngest who turned 18 this year.

IronManRocks                   (User #5924) N/A 06/29/2008 07:04:10pm

My older brother, what a pain. He lives with his family *wife and 3 girls* but when I went to stay with him for 3 months, it was like growing up again. He was sort of nice, but he never payed me (like he was supposed to) and made me feel left out on holidays and when he got back from a 2 week trip (we're South African's) to America and he got his family gifts and told me 'oh there was nothing there I couldn't get you here', I could have killed him.

great story.

Whatsername                   (User #5059) N/A 12/24/2007 11:51:09am

haha very funny.
And i do have an older brother, but he doesn't live with us anymore...
but when i do visit him, god, sometimes he'll just drive me insane!
and hes 32! lol.
i guess older brothers never really grow up...
(and if your wondering, i was a late bloomer, as my mom says. lol. thats why my brother is so old and im so much younger :] )
great story.

XxX-My-Suicidal-Romance-XxX                   (User #4665) N/A 12/22/2007 08:14:38pm

Great story. I have an older brother, and he is a pain. But I love him way way way down, some place down there. And one from Gerard's point of view would be great too. Good job.

the_black_parade_queen_2009                   (User #3801) N/A 12/22/2007 05:02:36pm

lmao...yeah...well i dont have an older brother..i got a younger sister..adn i was md t do everything in the house. thats why mi way..that was should right one from gees point of view!!

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