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Part #6 - Dear Gerard... Part II ((Razorblade Romance))
Jude                   (User #7746) N/A 12/14/2009 11:12:14pm

that was so said, that ending line. 'Today I keep it next to my razorblade'

i'm sorry about your girlfriend, this seems like it would be very painful to write.

these words that you write down were like poet's words.

Part #3 - Gerard The Tuba Player
XxDani DelightfulxX                   (User #6377) N/A 09/11/2008 08:00:03pm

this really made me smile becuz i was in band for 4 years and marching band for 1. you would be surprised at the scandal the band geeks get into. ;) (i played flute btw. and my best friend, Josh who is so gay he bleeds rainbows, is percussion/drumline and my other bestie, Amelia, is *drumroll* TUBA! ironic rite?)

Part #6 - Dear Gerard... Part II ((Razorblade Romance))
Annonymous                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 01/07/2008 07:25:05pm

wow maggs
it was at 5:30 not 5:00

Spaztastic Pansy                   (User #4693) N/A 12/26/2007 06:48:06pm

oh! It's so sweet.
I love the update, and it's still amzing that your writing true things that heppened in your life.

pumpkinpie                   (User #4101) N/A 12/26/2007 02:23:05pm

hearts and hugs! xx

Nevaeh Lee                   (User #4761) N/A 12/25/2007 09:11:28pm

That was lovely in a sad sort of way...
Great chapter!

Whatsername                   (User #5059) N/A 12/25/2007 11:34:24am

that's kinda of...upsetting.
great story.
very sad.

Part #5 - Dear Gerard.....
XxOur_Lady_Of_SorrowsxX                   (User #4725) N/A 12/17/2007 07:54:38am's so sad...I feel for you, I really do....I've kinda been in that situation and if you need anyone to talk to -about anything at all...not just that- I'm here...

Spaztastic Pansy                   (User #4693) N/A 12/08/2007 09:48:59am

Oh, that's sad. I can't wait till the next chapter.
but if you need someone to talk to about that kind of stuff. I'm here. and I've been through it so I
know what your going through.

~ Pansy

Part #2 - Disclaimer And Background Info ((PLEASE READ FOR STORY TO MAKE SENSE!!!!!!!))
Spaztastic Pansy                   (User #4693) N/A 12/08/2007 09:40:12am

Oh! I love you! and it's really brave for you to write out what's happening to you in real life in a fic. and to tell us readers that it's not fiction but fact.


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