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Part #4 - You're
ryroS2love                   (User #6099) N/A 07/13/2008 09:54:59am

this is really good!
like really really good! :]
and ryan can NOT do anything with petie. :D

Part #14 - Dont You Forget About Me.
Whatsername                   (User #5059) N/A 01/29/2008 06:23:43pm

oh fuck.
poor ryan :[
so sad...

Sheriff                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 01/29/2008 10:06:20am

Its just amazing . I love it .

Part #13 - Babyyy
ConsiderYourselfBitten                   (User #4777) N/A 01/21/2008 12:47:55am

grr. hahahaa
out of the cabinet?!?!?!?!?!?

Part #11 - Going To Vegas Babyyy
ConsiderYourselfBitten                   (User #4777) N/A 01/21/2008 12:39:16am

of course not
drama NEVER takes a break hahahahahahaha

Part #10 - That Would Suck
ConsiderYourselfBitten                   (User #4777) N/A 01/21/2008 12:33:36am

ooiioioioio hahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha
sorry habit
listening to the FOB version hahahahahahaha

Part #9 - Oh Shitt.
ConsiderYourselfBitten                   (User #4777) N/A 01/20/2008 11:57:53pm

that's one sick twisted mind
i like it hahahaha

Part #13 - Babyyy
Whatsername                   (User #5059) N/A 01/15/2008 09:09:01am

damn cliff hangers!
great great great great great chapter :D
so cute, but what's he going to say?!
ryan has to say he does! he just has too!
how can't he, when he's looking a Brendon uries BEAUTIFUL face?!
great chapter, please update soon!

XWelcomeToMyNightmareX                   (User #4334) N/A 01/15/2008 12:46:55am



I hate them.

Update child!


Part #12 - A Whole New World
RisRis                   (User #4497) N/A 01/14/2008 06:52:35am

i have one thing to say.....

ok well more then one thing but anyway.
i'm happy that this gives a chance for ryan and brendon to have a stronger friendship, and such. But pooor pete!
I love this story!

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