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Part #15 - Ch. 13 Back To The Street Where We Began
Loves Rays Guitar                   (User #5298) N/A 04/07/2008 11:57:58am

Yay! I got quoted!
lol that was really good!

write moooooore!

pwease :P

Part #2 - Chapter 1. With Just A Touch Of My Burning Hand
EveryHour.OnTheHour                   (User #5608) N/A 03/28/2008 04:40:00pm

It's really good.

Part #14 - Help Needed. If You Want This Story To Continue
Loves Rays Guitar                   (User #5298) N/A 03/22/2008 10:07:00am

Can he ask her about Lucius? Coz i think that he should put her in a pick-one-or-the-other situation that results in something dramatic.

Q. Are You In Love With Lucius? (cause there hasnt really been any serious gerard and andy are in love moments)


Part #9 - Ch.7 And If Only Those Drops Of Rain Could Wash All Of The Pain Away (the Title Has Nothing To Do With The Story)
Whatsername                   (User #5059) N/A 02/27/2008 04:21:24pm

very very short chapter.
haha. thank you thank you thank you for spreading the love. lol.
it's very much appreciated.
i'm going to try and update soon, but i'm not totally sure with the last chapter... so idk...
i haven't decided how i'm going to end it.
but i will try to update soon. promise.

Famous.Living.Dead.                   (User #5314) N/A 02/27/2008 11:56:21am

this is really good
actually its awesome
please update soon
before i hunt you down and make u

Part #8 - Ch.6
Whatsername                   (User #5059) N/A 02/25/2008 08:16:26pm

what's gerard's gift?
update soon ...?
if possible :]

Part #6 - And Then Your Heart, Heart Pounds
the_black_parade_queen_2009                   (User #3801) N/A 12/15/2007 09:07:20pm

og update...and if ya wann e-mai me...dont use the e-miladresse gien i cant get into thatone ne more..BUT ITS GREATY!!!

Genevieve Hepple-smith                   (User #5074) N/A 12/15/2007 06:16:34pm

nice story!! please update soon!!

XWelcomeToMyNightmareX                   (User #4334) N/A 12/15/2007 05:28:48pm

Gahhh... I hate cliffhangers.

Please update!


Part #4 - Chapter 3. Singing Songs That'll Make You Slit Your Wrists
Whatsername                   (User #5059) N/A 11/17/2007 01:42:11pm

haham nice.
No i didn't see that coming. and i did expect it to be a good afternoon, but as you put it "FUCK NO!" you totally just let that one hit ya! lol.
loved it!
update soon!

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