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Part #17 - The Final Ending....I Hope......
emily                   (User #8803) N/A 07/13/2010 07:33:29pm

awwww amazing, couldn't you just do one chapter, to see how they are going?

Jude                   (User #7746) N/A 09/05/2009 05:49:16am

Awesomeness! You're really good, this was a funny story! Like when Mikey was getting pudding! Thta made me laugh REAL hard! Great job!

Part #8 - Chapter 6
Kianna Jade                   (User #5582) N/A 10/26/2008 04:39:50pm

You've managed to write a chapter that is both sexy and funny. Good job!

Yay for Gerard, cheating on his abusive bitch of a boyfriend! I just hope said bitch doesn't find out...

0_0 ohhh, c'mon, please don't let him find out!

Part #5 - Chapter 3
Kianna Jade                   (User #5582) N/A 10/26/2008 04:27:29pm

"oh dear lord a god is touching my ass!"


that was awesome! But why's Gerard being dumb? :( the innappropriateness is what makes the relationship so hott. ;)

Okay, I wanna give you a reccommendation. You might have already read it, but in case you haven't... you need to check a certain story out.
It's called Delinquent, by all_tattooed. It isn't on this site, but it's on livejournal and on
It's a frerard where Gerard's a counselor at juvey and Frank's one of his students, i guess, and they end up in a relationship and yeah...just check it out!

I'm off to obsess over the rest of your story.

Part #4 - Chapter 2
Kianna Jade                   (User #5582) N/A 10/26/2008 04:17:13pm


So I like love you. (not in a molesty stalker way, in a you're awesome and i want to make fic babies with you way. Wait...)

I was just randomly scrolling for a story that caught my eye, and i got pulled into this one, and when I was done with the first chapter I was very surprised to see that you were the author. And then the whole Gerrrrrrard thing practically had me rolling around on the floor.

I admire your talent.

Part #17 - The Final Ending....I Hope......
-Spilled-Red-Ink-                   (User #5782) N/A 08/12/2008 03:13:22pm

Awesome! Please, just one more chapter? *wink*

Part #9 - Chapter 7
-Spilled-Red-Ink-                   (User #5782) N/A 08/11/2008 11:45:04pm

"The power of Christ compels you!" lol!!!!!

Part #17 - The Final Ending....I Hope......
xxahottertouchxx                   (User #5182) N/A 04/17/2008 08:55:24am

Ville is awesome, i still dont like bob

Part #9 - Chapter 7
EveryHour.OnTheHour                   (User #5608) N/A 03/27/2008 09:39:08pm

First it was pudding, now Mikey has turned to Christ? XD

I loved it.
But seriously, POOR GERARD. Freaking Bob.
*glares at picture of Bob and contemplates death*


Part #8 - Chapter 6
EveryHour.OnTheHour                   (User #5608) N/A 03/27/2008 09:33:29pm

Well you just made me fall off my chair in hotness.


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