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HinkleFinkle                   (User #5054) N/A 01/20/2008 09:16:08pm



I'm sick leave me alone.

Part #2 - Chapter 1
HinkleFinkle                   (User #5054) N/A 11/21/2007 01:07:18pm

my gosh this is pure horrible trash. Who in their right mind would even think of writing this! Gosh, you're posting for morons now samson....I'm disgusted.

Part #3 - Chapter 2
HinkleFinkle                   (User #5054) N/A 11/13/2007 08:14:30am number has a 54.

HinkleFinkle                   (User #5054) N/A 11/13/2007 08:13:52am

hey there samson, guess who. I know that might be a little challenging....I mean I only wrote this crap!

anyway...You don't have to be bothered with updating for me anymore, k? k. I shall do it! I think...

Part #2 - Chapter 1
HinkleFinkle                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 10/10/2007 07:41:59pm

haha...sam write anything without simple plan or anyone famous? YEAAAAH right.

no offense sam...but it's not like this is my style either!

Part #3 - Chapter 2
carovl                   (User #3577) N/A 10/10/2007 01:21:37pm

sooo I don't see any SP member yet... hehe

still niiiiiice story


Remember my name's available!!!!!!

Part #2 - Chapter 1
carovl                   (User #3577) N/A 10/10/2007 01:19:18pm

niiiiice 1rst chapter, nice job!!!!!

it's been a while since we last talked, if this is what you've been doing in
your free time well, niiice


HinkleFinkle                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 10/09/2007 07:36:43pm

Have I mentioned I hate you recently?

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