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Part #9 - Document 8
LyricalxLies                   (User #4526) N/A 10/01/2007 09:06:09pm

Oh my.
I need more now.

Part #8 - Document 7
LyricalxLies                   (User #4526) N/A 10/01/2007 08:55:57pm

Ahhhh, wow. Miranda seemed to cooperate well. But what about poor Ryan? :[[

Part #7 - Document 6
LyricalxLies                   (User #4526) N/A 10/01/2007 08:51:10pm

Oh, gosh. That was unexpected. I'm very interested to hear what she has planned...

Part #6 - Document 5
LyricalxLies                   (User #4526) N/A 10/01/2007 08:44:06pm

I'd repeat what I said last chapter, but that'd be a bore.
So, I'll just say that I love how Techla is just as human as any of us, with her own problems, despite her job being to help others.
And I think it's nice that the boy didn't let her put a penny in. :]]

Part #5 - Document 4
LyricalxLies                   (User #4526) N/A 10/01/2007 08:39:18pm

Techla and Ryan...

Part #4 - Document 3
LyricalxLies                   (User #4526) N/A 10/01/2007 08:35:54pm

Ooooooooh. Do I smell trouble in Paradise?

Part #3 - Document 2
LyricalxLies                   (User #4526) N/A 10/01/2007 08:29:23pm

That EMDR things sounds interesting...
Techla seems really real, and the way you write her definitely lives up to her character. Well done. :]]

Part #2 - Document 1
LyricalxLies                   (User #4526) N/A 10/01/2007 08:21:45pm

Hm...this sounds like it's going to be interesting...

Part #9 - Document 8
IM NOT OK                   (User #4551) N/A 09/15/2007 10:22:47pm

update soon

Caydenn_x                   (User #4568) N/A 09/14/2007 11:48:54pm

I absolutely love Techla's personality. She's so..proper haha. I love how she's a psychologist, but she has her own problems she thinks about alot.

I dont really like the fact that psychologists never really have their own problems because they like analyze it all before it can cause damage or whatever..confusing, I know.

Anywho, please update soon, this is getting really amazing :D.

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