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Caydenn_x                   (User #4568) N/A 09/22/2007 04:48:27pm

This is so true.

I often lay awake, wishing for sleep, but not able to actually go to sleep. My mind wanders alot of my problems and people.

ForLovers                   (User #4248) N/A 07/26/2007 01:04:36pm

That's kinda sad...but it is true.
Happens to me all the time.
Please, I hear things during the day...which gets very frustrating.
I liked it. :]

Chance                   (User #4390) N/A 07/10/2007 07:47:23pm

I have insomnia but I either take my meds or stay up watching star wars every night...or reading fanfiction lol. whatever it was kind of cute

Brinka-xo                   (User #3061) N/A 07/04/2007 08:45:19pm

that is soo true
ur like my sleep therapist:)
i like totally do the same
run to the light. get up. look at the light. try to sleep cant. i listen to the tv in those cases though:) haha/

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