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versedladyjade                   (User #4558) N/A 08/06/2007 03:35:02am

These were really great short stories. I especially loved the last one.
You have a great talent. Keep doing what you are doing.

Rydendirrty                   (User #3683) N/A 07/19/2007 04:15:47pm

I love how you can always make even a sombre fic funny. And even when a character is being annoying, they're being awesome still. WTF?! You must have magical powers.

And Jon Walker is like the teddy bear of the music scene. You cannot help but LOVE HIM!!! Seriously, if you don't adore Jon Walker, you fail at life. End of story.

Wonderful fic, beautifully written. Clever and believable, and I love it so much.

RY-SPOON lover                   (User #3309) N/A 06/19/2007 08:27:06pm

“Spencer, you know you're my Jack Dawson, right?”


Okay, I laughed so friggin' hard so many times during this fic it's not even FUNNY.

Normally, I'd copy, paste all my fave quotes from this story on the review and comment on why I liked them, but there were just FAR too many in this and...yeah.

You wrote all of the characters perfectly, and I loved the Jon-centric.

Anyway, thank you for making my night so much friggin' better.

Brinka-xo                   (User #3061) N/A 06/18/2007 01:22:12pm

that was simply the best thing ive ever read. like forreal
the way you made a story with each diff rain was amazing. like wow. i fucking loved it. i must hightlight the following for making me laugh like never i have before:

“Screw you. Pair of queens. Beat that, bitch.”

Spencer revealed his three aces, smiling victoriously as he reached over to take the pot of Goldfish crackers and two boxes of Captain Crunch


Jon, we should adopt kids.”

“You and me?”

“Yeah, three of them and we should name them Hot, Hotter, and Hottest.”

“Brendon, that is quite possibly the worst idea I have ever heard.”

Giovanna                   (User #1987) N/A 06/18/2007 03:21:28am

That was amazing.
You wrote Jon so well.
Thank you for sharing that.
It was lovely.
Much respect xxx

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