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Part #5 - Unexpected Hero
xXNat-MCRXx                   (User #6346) N/A 09/06/2008 04:30:58pm

This is great!

rofl, update!!

My_Obsessive_Romance                   (User #5546) N/A 03/19/2008 05:48:53pm

Its really good!! Mikey or Gerard!!???? What a hard choice! I also want to know how Gees gonna react to Mikey saving Dani and not him... Please update!

Part #5 - Unexpected Hero
la_rue                   (User #5307) N/A 01/16/2008 04:13:25pm!
this is really good, seriosuly whats gonna happen?
gerard or mikey? who's dani gonna fall for?
i wish you will update soon!

musicislovexx                   (User #4956) N/A 11/02/2007 10:29:00pm

awesome job!!
i wonder what gerard is going to say!!

xMyxChemicalxRomancex                   (User #4660) N/A 08/25/2007 03:30:42pm

aww, mikey's so sweet! can't wait for an update! oooh, how's gerard gonna react when he finds that mikey was dani's rescuer and not him?? hah, it's gonna be goood! keep up the awesome job and update soon please! =]

Chance                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 06/26/2007 05:50:19pm

DunDunDun....Go Mikey! He he update soon!

Part #4 - New Friends And More Coffee
Chance                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 06/26/2007 05:47:20pm


Part #3 - Life And Coffee
Luke                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 06/22/2007 09:45:15pm


Annonymous                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 06/04/2007 04:05:06pm

both of your chapters are really great!
i thought i'd just post the review on this one. haha at first i thought Frank was the one that she bumped into. its really good, keep it up. ;)

Part #2 - The Smile Of A Stranger
LadyOfSorrows                   (User #4132) N/A 05/30/2007 08:55:25pm

ohh...i like this...write more shall die.

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