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Part #4 - Chapter 2
perfectxox                   (User #3656) N/A 05/09/2007 07:26:07am

it was good! update soon, sad i'm the only one who reviews your work

perfectxox                   (User #3656) N/A 05/08/2007 09:40:59am

awwwww!!!! use my idea!!!!

holli needs a love life too!!!

luv it!!

Part #3 - Chapter 1
perfectxox                   (User #3656) N/A 05/05/2007 09:13:45am

nice i liked it
so true
I have and idea!! just to spice up the story a bit how bout Holli has an afair with mr T? if only that would happen in real life *sigh*
anyway it was good, this is the second review i've made

i liked the end of the chapter thoguh have you read my original story?

anyway thnx for the other review the white light was like you know when you wake up and the light hits your face, but it's like just before oyu wke up kinda thing/ well thats wat it was


oh i went bowling and i got a strike!

but mind you so did everyone else

oh is Quenten is that how you spell it? ah well
is he meant to be A? or R?


perfectxox                   (User #3656) N/A 05/04/2007 09:30:12pm

very nice ad you could so base it on expirence Eh?
So who this Mr T? do you realise how funny that name sounds you remember Mr T? dont you? Winking teacher does he look like Mr K? holli? whos that? r u jadir? am i asking to many questions?

Oh yeha i also noticed this is ur first review. YAy!!! oh and i updated my other fan fiction. read and review. Cheers mate

But yeh the story is very good i enjoyed reading it



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