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Part #3 - Chapter 2
xXNat-MCRXx                   (User #6346) N/A 10/06/2008 11:30:16pm

Holy shit! It's been a fucking year!
lmfao, wow. How time flies by so quickly. I really hope you decide to continue this. I really really really want to know what happens +)

Cat Goddess                   (User #3538) N/A 12/19/2007 06:46:39pm

wow, wish you had finished this, its a great story line

mcr_chick                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 09/05/2007 01:17:20pm

OMFG its sooooooooo good plzzzz upate plzzzzzzzzzz xxx

mrs. frankie iero                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 08/05/2007 11:15:34pm

OMFG so fucking hallarious keep writing more!!! ahh! caint wait!!!

Anonymous                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 05/11/2007 07:23:02am

i loved this and can't wait for more

Siri                   (User #2956) N/A 05/02/2007 05:32:43pm

LMAO...This is a great story and I can't wait until the next chapter....and I went to an MCR concert too, thought I was gonna get trampled too...*sighs* good times, good times....

xXmerci_pour_le_veninXx                   (User #2070) N/A 04/29/2007 08:47:43pm

o..m..g. okay so i went to the concert and i was WAITING to be pummeled by Gerard. lol. literaly. and then he came out on the gurney and started singing, wheni saw that it reminded me of the concert. it FREAKING ROCKED! lol. sorry to boast.

anyway, i loved it! update sooN!


Lara                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 04/29/2007 09:27:03am

It's awesome! I can't wait til the next part!
I hope you keep going! :]

killmyending                   (User #3448) N/A 04/28/2007 12:31:54pm

Brilliant. You've got me hanging on for what happens next. Keep writing. =]

Part #2 - Chapter 1
jeejee                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 04/25/2007 09:43:52pm

it rox!!! why stop sooo short... keep at it, keep at it, u left me hangin'!!... i LOVE it !!!

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