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Part #4 - Chapter 3
XWelcomeToMyNightmareX                   (User #4334) N/A 03/07/2008 11:56:44pm


Really wow.

Like amazingly fucking WOW.

Kaley                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 11/21/2007 02:33:39pm

Holy fuck!
I know it has been ages since you have written something for this but I strongly urge you to continue. This being one of your dreams is fucking awsome. Although it must've been really scary for you.
Please write more for this story, and all the other stories that you haven't finished yet 'cause seriously, they are amazing.

figureXmeXout                   (User #4825) N/A 09/21/2007 01:02:09pm

more more more!! pleasey pleasey pleasey pleeeeeaaaaase?!?! it was sooooo good!! the whole thing i mean!! i need more!! (i think we ALL do for that matter!!)

Chance                   (User #4390) N/A 07/10/2007 01:38:00am

molly                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 05/22/2007 03:55:13pm

ahhh! this AMAZING!! I can just picture it all. More please!!

Brinka-xo                   (User #3061) N/A 04/18/2007 09:14:44pm

ohh god
oh my god
that is soooo sick
i love it!!!
its soo amaazing
the girl is like omg

Part #3 - Chapter 2
KaznagaN                   (User #1656) N/A 03/12/2007 05:24:45am

this is great!
i can picture it in my head - well written!

i can't wait for more of this!


abc.easyas123                   (User #3124) N/A 03/11/2007 07:23:01pm

Oh my goodness, you're amazing.

Part #2 - Chapter 1
abc.easyas123                   (User #3124) N/A 03/11/2007 07:13:35pm

That was so cool.

Part #3 - Chapter 2
Brinka-xo                   (User #3061) N/A 03/11/2007 01:09:49pm

ohh em gee!
its marvelous
scary.. freaks me out
make more!

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