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Part #5 - Author's Notice.
ForLovers                   (User #4248) N/A 08/02/2007 03:06:39pm

Do you still have writer's block on this? Because I...I mean, Shana is an adorable baby.
If you do, I'll think of something...oh yes, I will.

Giovanna                   (User #1987) N/A 06/23/2007 04:31:50am

So i see it as we can either go two ways.
Either marry two people, which will mean starting a new romance.
Or kill someone again.
That always gets the soap operas going.
Trust me.
Besides that all i can say is:
Keep it up, you are an amazing writer, you should be proud.
Love you xxx

Part #4 - Now Remember And Let It Go
patdshxccupcake                   (User #3488) N/A 05/14/2007 11:11:40am

this was an excellent chapter emma and i cant wait for and update... this is really sad and i know how it feels to lose something that was close to your heart. i know what bren is going through. this was really goood and i like the story alot... continue!!!!!!
Shelbi {:")

lauren                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 05/13/2007 12:56:31pm

that's so sad. i dont know how i'd deal if someone i knew died like that.

Part #3 - Journal
patdshxccupcake                   (User #3488) N/A 04/04/2007 11:44:28am

OH MY GERARD!!!!!!!! that was so good... what are you talking about i loved it!!!!!!! this was a good chapter and i loved it and it mkes me want to cry for bren... oh poor baby... vannessa is going to be okay... it just takes time... the little girld sounds so adorable!!!! i just want hug her... oh this is such a great story!!!!!! update soon
shelbi }:)

Part #2 - Shadows Remind Me Of You
patdshxccupcake                   (User #3488) N/A 04/04/2007 11:37:30am

i love your sequal two... cant wait to read more but i'm going to read the next chapter hope you update the third chapter soon!!!!!!!!! thanks for updating!!!!!!!!
shelbi }:)

Part #3 - Journal
orangexjuice                   (User #2721) N/A 04/03/2007 08:05:23pm

okay; well its working now
and yes
again i love it
your are wonderful
and i love that TSA song :]
im listening as we steak
haha i spoke in code so no one knows what im talking about

SparklesMagee                   (User #3520) N/A 02/24/2007 01:01:17am

wow emma that was amazing. i loved it so much.poor rachel that was so sad. :( but i know what you mean sometimes you do not mean for a character to die but it happenes and then you look it over, and it makes this a better story.great story so far . i cant wait for more. post more soon. YAY for the sequel!!!!!!!! great writing emma.
alwayz courtnay :p

xcamisadox                   (User #3362) N/A 02/20/2007 03:03:45pm

that was amazing.
Still can't believe she died though :(

Part #2 - Shadows Remind Me Of You
abc.easyas123                   (User #3124) N/A 02/20/2007 02:16:01pm

"Get it? Got it? Good."
Hmm...sounds like me.
You gave the child my name?
You're a sweetheart!

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