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Caydenn_x                   (User #4568) N/A 10/24/2007 07:38:43am

"Your clothes are wet too, Urie."

Perfect ending. I've read this before and I was surprised I didn't review it. I certainly thought I did.

Anyway, it was wonderful and it made me smile really big and huge like a Cheshire cat on the prospect of what they're gonna go do muahaha. :D It was so cute and wonderful :).

SparklesMagee                   (User #3520) N/A 01/22/2007 01:21:38pm

nice story. i thought it was so cute. you write way better than me at 2:3o in the morning. i loved the last couple lines. so cute. great on-shot. you should continue this as astory. it would be amazing.can't wait for more on-shots, or anything else you might have.
always courtnay :)

Giovanna                   (User #1987) N/A 01/22/2007 01:44:54am

"Oh, yeah. Sure. You say that not....
Was that supposed to be now?
Apart from that i say you write pretty darn good for 2:30am.
That wasn't too cliche'. But who am i to talk. In all my one-shot's someone dies. Hahaha so i best not have an opinion on this.
Thumbs Up!

artistel'amore                   (User #3466) N/A 01/21/2007 03:33:57am

nice. =] i like the last bit, haha. thanks for posting!

Cat                   (User #3354) N/A 01/21/2007 02:48:38am

nice, nice...
i like it :)

LillyDearest                   (User #3449) N/A 01/20/2007 12:35:19pm

AHHH! neeeeeeeed chapterrrrs!

I'm so whiny.
great one-shot.
would be better as a multichapter.
but amazing as is.

and hey, all one-shots are a little cliche. just look at mine and Tinsley's.


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